Couple murdered, bodies hanged from trees near Punjab’s Kasur


KASUR: Police on Thursday have found bodies of a couple hanging from trees near Kasur.
According to media reports, preliminary investigation suggests that the couple was strangulated before being hanged trees near Kasur by-pass.
He said the teenage boy was identified as a resident of Ittehad colony in Lahore while identity of the girl was yet to be ascertained. The police said they were also also investigating the circumstances that brought the deceased to Kasur from Lahore.
They said Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) found with the male’s body confirmed that the deceased was 25 years old while the girl appeared to be a teenager. Police suspect that the the couple was killed after being abducted from some other area to make it seem like an incident of suicide.
District Police Office (DPO) Kasur said the motive of the murders was not known but an investigation has been launched to resolve the case.


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