*Sindh’s Future is as illustrious as it’s Past*


Arshad Ali,
Sindh is the second name of love, care, affection, philanthropy and fraternity. Sindh was the forte of Islam in the world and a historical part of Asia. Actually Sindh is a place where love, affection was, where way farers, migrants and guests were ever welcomed and respected and hugged and served heartily. Sindh is a place of saints, wises Ancients, braves, philanthropic, God loving and humanitarian people are and where many of their shrines are found in today’s time. People of Sindh are simpleton, filled with affection, fondle, having gentle accent and posses kind and inhuman temperament, there heart is accomplished with sentiments of humanity. People of Sindh were true to their words, statues of loyalty and kind-heart, loving beauty and also were famous in honesty and trustworthy and glance of which is also found today in them. Here Shah Abdul Lateef, Sachal Sarmast, Shah Abdul Karim Bulri wala, Sheikh Ayaz, Makhdoom Talib Mola and many of other poets have taken birth and many of their shrines are also, they always gave the lesson of love, spread love and comfort and their doors were opened for penurious, homeless, orphans and needy. Here Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, Abdullah Shah Ashabi, Abdullah Shah Ghazi and many more other saint’s shrines are where (Urs) fare is held and thousands of devotees, visitors and pilgrims come here. Here heartiest, inhuman, leader of humanity Dudo Soomro, Shah Inayat Shaheed ,Militant of freedom Sibghatullah Shah Rashdi,Teacher of resolution Molana Ubaidullah Sindhi, Molana M Siddique, Taj Muhammad Amroty, Mian Hashim Thathvi and others learned, freedom lover and enthusiastic people who sacrificed, devoted and dedicated their lives for human being and taught them bravery, education and creates verve of freedom, these loftiest, unique and gorgeous historians, philosophers, freedom fighters, stouts and masters of resolution were busy in the service and welfare of crown creation without any distinction like uper and lower class, race and ritual, sector, language. In their eyes human service was significant and they fought for their rights and emancipation.The historical and ancient places and cities of Sindh are historical Badshahi Mosque, Moan jo Daro, Kot Digy, Makli cemetery, Chaukandi graveyard, Bhanbhor and many others places and cities which were built in Mughal to British rule. Historical States like Khairpur, Ranipur, Haiderabad, Thatta and immense of others in the rule of all rulers. Karachi is biggest city of Pakistan and the city of light is also a Sindh city and Sindh province is a bone head of Pakistan.Basically Sindh is an agricultural province where irrigation, horticulture and agronomy is done. Sindh provides more than 70% income to pakistan being a second big state of it but people of it are not provided resources from federal government. Ajrak, Sindhi Topy, Turban, Axe and hospitality are cultural and traditional assets of Sindh people.Habitants of Sindh have a extreme esteem of these cultural assets and are used these in gifts to others. Sindh had a great significance in the rule of Mughal emperors and many departments like science, economics, commerce, mathematic, Ideology were setup and system of humanity and modern education was provided. Approximately 450 universities were set up in just Thatta city in which all parts of society and religious people came to learn, they all were razed in British rule and all the books were set on fire and now no any clue or indication of universities is today.The last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad peace be upon him once said looking towards Sindh Side that he feels comfort and content. Sindhi language is oldest language and people of Sindh use it with many accents it was an official language of India once in British rule .People of Sindh are having many casts, tribes, communities but actually posses one identity which is Sindh. At present others province people are also accommodated in Sindh and it has become centre of their bread and butter. A great conqueror Muhammad Bin Qasim surmounted the Sindh in 712 and holy quran was translated in Sindhi language in 883 after that Soomros, Arghoons, Turkhans, Mughals, Kalhoras, Talpurs and English people ruled the Sindh. Regarding Literature the famous characters are Sasi Puno, Laila Chanesar, Umer Marvi, Mokhi Matara, Noori Jam Tamachi and Heer Ranjha which Shah Abdul Lateef has described in his poetry. Literate personalities of Sindhi are like Mirza Qaleech Baig, Deewan Koro Mal, Lal Chand Amar Dino Mal, Dr Gul Bakhshani, Dr Umer bin Dawood Poto and others.
Now a days Sindh people’s heart is being withered and ignorance has taken place.The fertilizer fields have become barren because of water scarcity has become enough, it looks that with a planted plan sindh is being made dry or pushed back beyond of all mineral resources, in Sindh, people are bereaved from gas, electricity, water, other facilities and conveniences which are blessed by Allah Almighty . Here foreigners and strangers are being settled deliberately and they have robbed the rights of Sindh People and the leaders whose subjection has ruined the Sindh thoroughly and because of that habitants of it are devoid from basic needs like education, health, food and unemployment. Peculiar and odd rituals have taken birth cause of subjection of Feudalist, Chiefs, political and nepotist leaders, peer and Molvies who are indulged in sectarianism and are dominant on Sindh where love and fraternity was the only weapon of people now the hatreds and sects are found there, where strangers were given reverence and a place in heart there now no any one who asks or looks after his own relatives, where children, women and saints were regarded with great estimation there maltreatment has become usual now. Those who wrote history of Sindh and those who created structure of education both had injustice with Sindh. At present if ideology Molana Ubaidullah Sindhi, Thoughts of Shah Inayat, Modesty of Dodo Soomro and Hosh Muhammad Sheedi be provided to youth then definitely Sindh can achieve its former place in world.


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