KC-EU seminar in Brussels seeks peaceful solution of K-dispute


Brussels: Kashmir Council Europe (KC-EU) organised a seminar in connection with Intentional Day of Human Rights in Brussels.
Speakers of the seminar called for implementation of latest report of the United Nation High Commissioner for Human Rights on issue of human rights violations in occupied Kashmir.
They said India did not follow the latest UN report on human rights in Kashmir. They asked there should be an international investigation into human rights violations in Kashmir especially UN should play its role for prevention of the violations.
All the criminals involved in human rights violations in Kashmir should also be trialed through the international court of law, the speakers maintained. They said the international investigation into severe violence in Kashmir was a long-lasting demand of the people of Kashmir. They called for final political solution of the dispute through meaningful dialogue that includes the people of Kashmir.
The speakers appreciated the efforts of Kashmir Council EU headed by Ali Raza Syed for highlighting Kashmir dispute especially human rights issue in Kashmir.
The international community should immediately intervene and stop human rights violation in IHK and play an effective role for just resolution of Jammu and Kashmir dispute, they urged.
It is important to mention that the United Nations in its first-ever human rights report on Jammu and Kashmir in June this year called for an urgent need to address human rights violations and deliver justice to all people in Kashmir.
The speakers included senior Kashmir leader Sardar Siddique, Chairman Kashmir Info, Mir Shahjahan, senior leader Kashmir Council EU Chaudhry Khalid Joshi, member of Brussels Parliament Dr Zahoor Manzoor, Councillor of Brussels local body Amir Naeem Sunny, Kashmiri figure Raja Khalid and social person Saleem Memon


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