High quality “Made in China” products and services shine in Argentina


BUENOS AIRES: From inter-city bullet trains to a China-backed mega solar power plant, high quality “Made in China” products and services are shining in Argentina, as China’s cooperation with the Latin American country in trade, investment, and many other areas continues to strengthen.
In its capital city Buenos Aires, a Chinese made inter-city bullet train and a technical service system set up by China are serving millions of Argentine people every day with a 97% satisfaction rate.
In early 2013, CRRC Sifang, a unit of China’s state-owned rolling stock firm CRRC Corp., won two contracts for the supply of 709 inter-city electric multiple units (EMUs) to renew Argentina’s commuter system. It was China’s biggest overseas order for inter-city EMUs, totaling nearly $1 billion.
All of the 709 carriages were delivered by 2015 and are already in service on the Sarmiento, Matt, and Roca lines of Buenos Aires, serving millions of Argentine people every day.
With its high quality products and services, CRRC Sifang has won its third train deal from the country in April this year, securing a $278 million deal for 200 railcars and related parts from Argentina.
In Argentina’s northern Jujuy province, Chinese companies are helping to build the Cauchari#Photovoltaic (PV) Plant, the first PV plant in the country and an example of the two countries’ cooperation in new and clean energy.
Located in the heart of Argentina’s high plains at more than 4,000 meters above sea level, Cauchari will boost the country’s clean energy supply and cut down harmful carbon dioxide emissions by no less than 325,000 tons.
Moreover, once the plant is in full swing, it is expected to generate some 1,500 direct and indirect local jobs.
At the construction site of Argentina’s Variante Bridge, two D1500 large-sized tower cranes from Zoomlion, China’s top construction machinery manufacturer, are ensuring the smooth construction of the bridge and are being used to help cut across to the new highway under construction, drawing great attention from local media, which dubbed them “the amazing tower cranes.”
The Variante Bridge, with a span of 320 meters, is an important part of the renovation project of Argentina’s Ruta Provincial A073 (Highway 73). Once completed, it will provide faster travel on the new Highway 73 by directly connecting both sides of the Lago San Roque Lake, greatly reducing the driving distance and thus providing convenience to the economy, life, and transport in the northern part of Argentina.
Located some 200 kilometers downstream of the rich water resources originating from the Perito Moreno Glacier, a Chinese company is helping to build the world’s southernmost hydropower project, which is also the largest energy project in Argentina.
Jointly constructed by a consortium led by Energy China’s China Gezhouba (Group) Co. Ltd. and the Argentine firms Electroingenieria S.A. and HidrocuyoS.A., the Hydroelectric Exploitation Rio Santa Cruz Condor Cliff and La Barrancosa dam project is the largest overseas power project investment by a Chinese company, boasting a huge investment of around $5.3 billion.
Upon completion, it will be able to boost the nation’s power supply by 6.5% with an estimated annual electricity production of 4.95 billion kilowatts per hour, which will meet the energy demands of 1.5 million local households. The project will also help Argentina save about $1.1 billion in oil imports.
In addition to the potential power supply boost, the construction has also helped spur employment, with nearly 20,000 posts available during construction peak seasons. Some 80% of the employees are local residents and they enjoy good pay and vocational training.


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