Human Rights situation worst in Jammu Kashmir: National Front


Srinagar:(Parliament Times) Terming the human rights situation in the disputed region as worst, Jammu Kashmir National Front has strongly condemned the forces atrocities and crackdown on political activists across the valley Kashmir. The National Front spokesman said in a statement the government forces have turned whole valley into a concentration camp and hundreds have been thrown into jails and torture centers.
He said that human rights violations in Kashmir have become a routine matter and the men in uniform have been using random force against the unarmed people who try to raise their voice against the atrocities on common people and political activists. Bullets and pellets are being used in every street especially in south Kashmir as if the government forces have a license to kill and injure the unarmed protesters.
The National Front spokesman said that under the garb of Cordon and Search Operation (CASO) Indian forces are committing massive human rights violations across the length and breadth resulting in killing and maiming of youth, thrashing of inmates and vandalizing of properties.
India has also started a campaign to malign the pro-freedom leadership of Kashmiri people by involving them in false and fabricated cases. This has resulted in a political vacuum where youth are being systematically pushed to the wall and the freedom of expression stands completely snatched.
He appealed world community including UN, UNSC, European Union, and all human rights organisations to exert pressure on India to immediately stop its military aggression against the peace and freedom loving Kashmiri people. He urged on UN to uphold its mandate and credibility by implementing the resolutions passed about Kashmir dispute.


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