Need to approach K-issue from a new strategy & planning: Dr. Muhammad Khan


Altaf Hamid Rao,

MIRPUR (AJK): Chairman Research & Policy Forum Brig. (R) Prof. Dr. Muhammad Khan Thursday emphasized for the more vibrant and comprehensive role of intellectuals for the due projection of the national Jammu Kashmir cause, at an interactive session titled “Strategy & Planning to Highlight the Jammu Kashmir Cause”.
All Kashmir Forum hosted the interactive session on the topic of “Strategy & Planning to Highlight the Jammu Kashmir Cause”. Nearly about hundred selected youth from different universities, members of academia, civil society, media person and lawyers attended. All Kashmir Forum is an emerging conscious movement & platform which hosted the august interaction session with the intellectuals and members AJK assembly & council to discuss on “Strategy & Planning to Highlight the Jammu Kashmir Cause”.
Brig. (R) Prof. Dr. Muhammad Khan highly appreciated the contentiously intellectual events hold by the All Kashmir Forum. He said that the comprehensive study of the issue is much necessary to discuss it. He also strongly condemned the brutalities of the Indian Forces in Jammu Kashmir. Further more, Prof. Dr. Khan opined that issues of the new phenomenon of fifth generation warfare and Hybrid war alongside their different tactics were redefining states across the globe. T
“The issues of Jammu & Kashmir issue is one such issues, which has been deeply impacted by the changing global scenario hence there was a stark need to approach the issue from a new strategy and planning that would lead in to highlight the this issue. He also requested the authorities that these youth don’t have much resources but they have a vision & commitment to highlight the Jammu Kashmir Cause so there proper supervision to make them empower is necessity”, he added.
Besides, Brig. (Retd) Dr.Muhammad Khan, MLA Sehrish Qamar, Member J&K Council Abdul Khaliq Wasi, Director KIIR Altaf Hussain Wani, Secretary JKLC Mansour Qadir Dar, Coordinator AKF Abdul Basit Khan and others also addressed the ceremony.
In his address of welcome, Secretary Jammu Kashmir Liberation Cell, Govt. Of Azad State of Jammu Kashmir Mr.Mansour Qadir Dar lauded the efforts of the All Kashmir Forum for holding such august congregations providing opportunity to youth to sit together to interact for their vibrant role for the uplift of the nation and the country.
He said that youth are our precious asset. We will cooperate with AKF on every level for highlighting the Jammu Kashmir Conflict. He very warm welcomed the educated, motivated, committed youth to organize such a great session.
Member AJK Legislative Assembly Ms. Sehrish Qamar,while addressing the ceremony said that effective policy on the Jammu Kashmir is much necessary to properly projecting this conflict. “I congratulate to AKF for organizing such a great intellectual session. She further said that youth should use modern tools and techniques to highlight the Jammu Kashmir. It is an issue of humanity, where humanity is killing by the occupied Indian Forces. Even Indian Human Rights Activists also raising voice against there forces that they are killing innocent Kashmiris who are just demanding their globally accepeted birth right, “Right of Self-determination”.
Member Jammu Kashmir Council & famous lawyer Mr. Abdul Khaliq Wasi Advocate also addressed on the strategy and planning to highlight the Jammu Kashmir Caues. He said that India has been able to sell the perception of Kashmir through the prism of terrorism to evade global condemnation. The Kashmir dispute is lingering as there is no international pressure on India to resume dialogue. There is a need for us to renew our diplomatic initiative to bring a swift conclusion to the dispute. He highly appreciated the great continuous efforts by the emerging conscious movement All Kashmir Forum.
Famous Kashmiri Leader, International Lobbyist & Director Kashmir Institute of International Relations Altaf Hussain Wani highlighted the recent situation of the Jammu Kashmir to the participants. He said that the parliamentary session of the different countries on the Jammu Kashmir Cause is appreciable. Wani also briefly discussed demographic change of the state. He also said that the current freedom movement is due to the actively participation of the youth, These youth are sacrificing their lives for the freedom of the state. He stressed that Indian attempts to change demographics were an attempt to conqueror the Kashmiri people.
Human Rights Activist & Coordinator All Kashmir Forum Abdul Basit Khan thanks to the all speakers, participants, media, Jammu Kashmir Liberation Cell, Govt. Of AJK, Press Information Department and team All Kashmir Forum for organizing this All Kashmir Forum’s Interactive Session on Strategy & Planning to highlight the Jammu Kashmir Cause”. He said that we are doing a conscious movement for the freedom of occupied Jammu Kashmir. He also said that we must have to present it as an issue of humanity. Director General Jammu Kashmir Liberation Cell Fida Hussain Kiani and Director (Admin.) Jammu Kashmir Liberation Cell Muhammad Sajjad Khan also addressed. At the end honorary shields were presented by the team All Kashmir Forum to honorable guests.


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