Improved Indo-Pak relations imperative for regional peace & prosperity: AJK PM


KARACHI: Prime Minister of Azad State of Jammu and Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider Khan said that India should realize that without friendly relations with Pakistan the dream of development and prosperity in the region could not be materialized.
He was speaking at a luncheon held for him by Secretary General PML-N Sindh Senator Saleem Zia here on Thursday.
The Premier said Pakistan demonstrated good will gesture by opening Kartarpur corridor. Now India should also reciprocate Pakistan’s peace initiative, he added.
“India should stop the reign of terror against armless people of Jammu and Kashmir in Occupied Kashmir. Wounding a 19 years old baby with pellet gun by Indian occupation forces is an eye opener to the human rights champions of the world” he said. More than 30 Kashmiris were martyred just in the month of November, he noted. He said hearing on human rights abuses in Kashmir in European Parliament on January 23 was possible due to unprecedented sacrifices of Kashmiris.
Eulogizing the disqualified Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif the AJK Prime Minister believed that the former would be remembered in history for turning Pakistan into a modern welfare state. He said the country was on track of progress and prosperity, then suddenly conspiracies were hatched against Sharif to remove him from power. He believed that people of Pakistan still love Mr. Sharif despite him not being in the power.
PM Haider urged party workers and supporters to stand united like a force behind Mr. Sharif. “Leaders have to face trials and tough times. The real test of the workers also comes in difficult circumstances. Those who remain steadfast and committed with the leadership are the real and faithful party workers. It is an irony that the leader who brought the country on track of progress has to face accountability” he said.
Pakistan he said is passing through most difficult time of its history. We all need to supplement efforts to bring the country out of the crisis it is in right now.
Mr. Haider observed that regional scenario is changing fast. “China was turning out to be an emerging economic power. India was engaged in efforts to spread its feet in the region while US was trying to impose its power and superiority. In this changing scenario we have to move forward cautiously and under rationale strategies” he said.
The Prime Minister acknowledged that people and government of Pakistan always supported Kashmiris and assured that struggling people of Kashmir are trying to liberate their state from Indian yoke and accede it to Pakistan.


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