There is no way except for across the board accountability: CJP


LONODN: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar has said there is no way except for accountability without discrimination.
In an interview with a private TV Channel in London CJP said people pay tax from their hard earned money, therefore, we can not allow any one to perpetrate loot and plunder spree in Pakistan.
He inquired how and why money went outside the country. Who is at fault in this matter can give reply, he added.
He held “we have taken several steps for bringing back money to Pakistan. FIA, FBR, State Bank and Finance division are investigating the matter.
He stated that a team has been set up under governor State Bank to bring back the money to Pakistan from abroad. This team will present its report next week.
He went on to say that there is room for improvement in NAB laws and legislative will have to take steps on this count.
“ We are in contact with chairman NAB and we bother him too. We tell him such things are away from transparent investigation , he said.
CJP remarked “ whenever I come to know about any unjust step I offer comment on it too”. Under the protocol signed with Britain, countless information about Pakistanis holding properties have become available.
Justice Nisar continued, “Pakistanis who own properties in Britain were not sharing details. I had selected 15 Pakistanis who own properties in Britain of which seven appeared before the court and further investigations in this regard are under way.”
Stressing the need for accountability across the board, the chief justice said, “In the Supreme Court, we do not see who is on whose side and we only see the law.”
He held “I am thinking of forming a bench to keep a watch on the money spent from the dam fund so they cannot be used for any other purpose.”
Dubbing his experience of fund raising as the best he said whatever funds have been donated is a unique move.
He appreciated overseas Pakistan saying they demonstrated love in fund raising.


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