Discriminating behavior of employers with Malir local communities denounced


Arshad Ali,

KARACHI: Local communities of district Malir are being neglected, and frustrated for the employment by the employers of different companies at Port Qasim and Steel Mill so it has been observed from a long period that they are deliberately ignored regarding job . Malir district people are living hard life beyond employment and on the other side those who are living far from district of Malir are encouraged and given opportunities for employment in industrial area of Bin Qasim and Steel Mill, not only employment but accommodation and pick and drop service is also provided to them whether they belong to any district, town, city and province besides Malir district. The right of Malir district people is being robbed by the other district people.
When the query was raised before employers of private sectors of Bin Qasim and Steel Mill industries that why doors of industries are closed for the residents of Malir district and why people of Malir local communities are being neglected and mistreated by them. On the question of employment, they pretended that people of Malir are slacker and work-shy that’s why we are compelled to behave like that. This may be true into some extent that 10% people of Malir can be sluggish and slacker in work but not 100% people. Employers of industries are just making lame excuses to justify their behavior of prejudice with people of Malir area. The people of local communities are puzzled and amazed on the peculiar attitude of industries employers.
People of Malir demand to labour act authorities to take action against and clarify it that is it inscribed in employment act that people of Malir local communities are not incorrigible and capable for any kind of employment in private sector of Bin Qasim and Steel Mill industries other wise this act of like and dislike is not acceptable at any cost.
People of Malir local communities are as industrious as other employees but they are neglected and not selected for the job deliberately. People of Malir also appeal to ministry of industries of private sector and ministry of human resource to take immediate action on this favoritism and disliking act of employers with local communities of district Malir and give the right of employment to ever neglected people also finish the frustration of them, so that they can live their good and better lives.


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