AJK Govt. focusing on tourism sector: Midhat Shahzad


MUZAFFARABAD: (Parliament Times) The government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir is focusing on tourism sector which has enormous potential for income generating.
AJK Secretary for Tourism Midhat Shahzad expressed these views in an exclusive interview to Sardar Ilyas here on Monday. Tourism contribute ten percent of GDP globally while in AJK it’s percentage is just 0.06 percent which is pretty dismal, especially in view of the fact that we have some stunningly lovely landscapes and tourism destinations in the State, she added.
“Our road infrastructure, one of the prerequisites for promotion of tourism has significantly improved. Government aims at improving facilities in breathtakingly beautiful sites in Neelum Valley and Poonch to attract more and more tourists at national and international level” she said.
Brainy and sharp as she has all information on finger tips, Ms. Midhat sees great future of tourism in the lush green mountains, fast flowing rivers, streams, dozens of lakes and places where nature is fully exposed in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.
She said AJK government is concentrating to promote tourism adventure. In this connection lots of activities were held in the past like paragliding, parachuting, motor and bike rallies, rafting etc. which were participated by with great interest, pulling lots of crowd where they were organized.
In line with the vision of Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan welcome booths have been set up at all the entry points while it is also ensured that tourists are treated nicely.
We intend certain legislation in a bid to further facilitate the intending tourists in Azad Kashmir and a draft in this regard is already in place now, she stated.
Midhat said at the moment we have 42 rest houses in AJK including tourist lodges and we plan to give them on lease in the time to come. There are rest stop areas and tuck shops at tourist resorts, she remarked.
Midhat is confident that there is great room for improvement in tourism sector which could be turned into a great income generating source for the local people who should put their local products on display at certain points. Tourism is a great source of income to a number of countries of the world and has rather turned into an industry there, she pointed out
She said Prime Minister Imran Khan is also very keen to fully harness the tourism sector in the country and has directed the concerned authorities to give maximum facilities to the tourists and remove all the impediments if any for tourists.


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