Won’t tolerate any hindrance in the voyage of new Pakistan: Buzdar


LAHORE: Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar said that raising living standard of common man by providing him with basic facilities are our main preferences. We are working hard to bring New Pakistan into practical form nevertheless every one of us has play his part and move forward with solidarity for it. He said that they are working hard to bring the dream of New Pakistan come true. Furthermore he added that every work in Punjab is being done at merit as the only mission of PTI government is to serve public. He said that they will give relief to public by promoting good governance and rule of law likewise under the vibrant leadership of Imran Khan, corruption will be eradicated from the country.
CM while meeting to different delegations in his office today said that stable economy, strengthen Pakistan and prosperous people are missions of PTI government and we will keep working for it. He said that country cannot move forward without stabilizing economy and it will get strengthen if we work with good will and honesty. He said that strategy is being devised in order to attract investors in our country and it is hoped that positive policies of government will bring foreign investment here. Punjab is most appropriate province for investment and we will provide peaceful environment and all needful resources to investors. CM further added that public service and development of Pakistan is mission of our government and thinking of it as a noble cause we are taking steps in this regard. Unlikely previous leaders who used to make just claims, reforms are being introduced in every sector by taking practical. CM said that PTI government is vigilant to fulfill all promises being made to public and we are passionate to bring real change. Public service and development of country will give people new and prosperous Pakistan. He said that that they are ready to confront every challenge in order to attain New Pakistan and we will not tolerate any hindrance in this regard.


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