VC MUST administers oath to newly elected members of youth parliament


Mirpur: (PR) Oath taking ceremony of newly elected members of Youth Parliament was held on 23 November, 2018, Friday at Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST). The Oath from the Newly Elected Members of Youth Parliament MUST campus cabinet was taken by Vice Chancellor (MUST) Prof. Dr. Habib ur Rehman.
The Hosts of the ceremony were Mr. Tabish Abbasi (Provincial Secretary Campuses) and Mr. Haroon Mughal (President MUST), ceremony presided by Mr. Ubaid Qureshi (Federal President Pakistan) and Ms. Shaheen Kousar Dar (Patron Youth Parliament and Former Dy. Speaker AJK) with the senior designated members of Youth Parliament Provincial and Federal cabinet. On the request of Mr. President, Islamabad Cabinet Mr. Abdullah Aijaz (Secretary) joined the ceremony and visited the Kashmir Orphanage welfare trust with three other cabinet member Yousma Gul, Sara Niazi and Ms Farwa.
Speaking on the occasion, the President Youth Parliament (Federal Cabinet), said that; Youth Parliament is the only organization in Pakistan which is devoid of all kind of cast, creed, race and political affairs. “Youngsters from all over Pakistan can join it freely as it is a great platform for youth”, he said adding that Youth Parliament Professional Council will be established soon to arrange Interaction Sessions for Youngsters with all leading Business tycoons, Parliamentarians, Ministers, and Entrepreneurs,.
“We are also going to present a Documentary on the issues of Students and Youth Policy of foreign countries.”, he said.
Mr. President, stated that Youth Parliament is the 1st organization which provide wonderful opportunities to its members like visit the Parliament House, through Which Youth gets to know about the History and the sacrifices of our fore fathers for the Pakistan. Further added “it’s the dilemma of AJK Government and Educational Institutions that we don’t have any remembrance place like Gali-e-Dastoor, and requested to VC MUST for the establishment of specific portion in the libraries for this purpose. He also added “We have strong progress report across the all provinces of Pakistan as compared to the Ministry of Youth Affairs, it’s time to think about 65% population of Pakistan which is below the age of 30. He said Youth Parliament will work on Youth Policy in Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan in 1st Phase, We will try to provide residence to its members during the different events across Pakistan as we are going to become partner of Youth Hostel across Pakistan.
On the Behalf of Youth Parliament Provincial Cabinet (AJK, GB and Islamabad) Senior Vice President Syed Hassan Naqvi added that Youth compare our AJK progress report with Youth Ministry of Kashmir. Youth Department only organizes 2-3 cricket tournaments every year, which is not enough, now they have to think about the Youth of Kashmir. We work voluntarily and our members have done a great job in Azad Kashmir. Vice President Mr. Sooraj Kumar added; our social awareness campaigns on Give way to the Ambulance, Clean and Green and Welcome Tourism in Azad Kashmir were very successful, in the near future we are going to start Youth Interaction and Career counselling Program in Azad Kashmir. He also said we are waiting since 2016 for our Provincial level Oath ceremony from the President of AJK but still couldn’t get any response from the President office. During the ceremony Cabinet Secretary Ch. Mohsin Kamal Tahir added his best wishes and thanked all the guests of Youth Parliament. He said Federal President Mr Ubaid Qureshi and the Provincial cabinet permitted to work with KORAT, we will arrange charity event soon for the little orphanage children’s in Mirpur. We need support from the Government and Youth NGO’s
Federal cabinet member which includes Mr. Bilal Sheikh (Dy. Secretary General) Mr. Saboor Ahmed Khakar (Vice President) and Mr. Iatisam Khan (Executive Member) also added their remarks about Youth Parliament, vision, motto and progress. Bilal said “we are working to establish different career counsels for the proper guidance of the young generation, we will make Youth Parliament Engineer Council as an example of this project. Federal cabinet is also working on the different incentive for Youth Parliament Members through discount offer”. Muhammad Iatisam said; “Youth Parliament is planning a Environment protection project and Kashmir Youth Conference with the federal government through which we will work with the Government across the Pakistan. He said; we will start internship program in which all chapter will get equal seats.” Vice President Mr. Saboor said; our cabinet is planning for the affiliation with federal youth ministry, unluckily we don’t have minister of youth affairs in federal but soon we have meeting with the Head of PM Youth Program Usman Dar.
Representatives of different political parties added their remarks regarding the Youth during the Oath Taking ceremony. Sardar Usman Atique (MC) appreciated and endorsed the efforts of Youth Parliament in Azad Kashmir, he said ‘Youth must play his role towards the awareness of Kashmir issue’. Syed Waris Ali Gillani said “The Prime Minister Imran Khan has a very vast and strong vision regarding the youth of Pakistan. On the request of President Youth Parliament Ubaid Qureshi, I am taking the responsibility of Youth Parliament Provincial cabinet oath Ceremony from the Federal Minister of Kashmir and Gilgit Affairs.” Ch. Qasim Majeed (PPP) welcomed all the guests who came to Mirpur, and appreciated the efforts of Youth Parliament and MUST Administration for the Youth of especially in Mirpur – Azad Kashmir. He ensure his all possible support in future events Ch. Rizwan (PMLN) said, “I will work on Youth Policy and it’s great to see the energetic, educated and talented youth from different background at one platform.”
Vice Chancellor MUST, Prof. Dr. Habib ur Rehman took the oath from the cabinet members of Youth Parliament MUST cabinet and presented shields as a souvenir to the honorable Guests, while Shaheen Kousar Dar (Patron Youth Parliament) said; “Election of Youth Parliament in Kashmir will provide an opportunity to the young generation without the any kind of discrimination”. She said she is greatly inspired from the members of Youth Parliament, how they work selflessly within limited and sometimes with no resources. She said Youth Minister must take necessary steps to get Youth Parliament under the flagship of government. She also discussed about the Legislative amendments about youth. She motivated the Youth and shared her insights about how to succeed in life. Ceremony was concluded after the distribution of shields to ex cabinet members.


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