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Google Developers Group organises DevFest in Islamabad

Nuaman Ishfaq Mughal,

Islamabad: A group of enthusiastic techies and developers called the Google Developers Group organised the annual DevFest at National University of Sciences and Technology in Islamabad. Over 400 individuals ranging from entrepreneurs to professionals including the youngest Microsoft professional, Harris Usmani actively participated in the event this year.
The event kicked off with Muhammad Bin Masood (Manager GDG Islamabad) who shed light on the extensive work being done by GDG Islamabad community with the objective of highlighting Pakistan’s talented tech community in the international Google community setup across the globe. Following this, the event continued with various talks and sessions on the trending topics and technologies of today’s time.
Imran Tanveer, an android geek led a session on the latest updated android. After that talk, an expert designer and Co-Founder of Designist, Hasan Habib delivered an amazing talk on the significance of design and user experience in our everyday lives. He started his talk by giving a brief overview of the percentage of deaf people in Pakistan. “In today’s time, art and design plays a significant role in communicating with people all over the globe irrespective of culture and language,” he said.
A set of other talks were conducted by tech influencers as well, which included a talk on Google Assistant given by Syed Muzamil Hassan Zaidi; a digital influencer, which happened to be the very session all awaited for. Moreover, a highly informative talk on Google Deep Dream was given by Aqsa Kausar of Codistan. The event concluded with an amusing activity where students and professionals got the opportunity to interact with each other.
Google Developers Group (GDG) is a community of enthusiastic technology experts and developers that share a passion for Google and all the technologies it offers. Each year, Google Developers Community sets a particular theme for the DevFest. This years’ theme was ‘Digital Wellbeing’ which aimed at how the focus of the people should be on their lives not technology itself.

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