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First 100-day in government

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is completing its 100-day in government next probably on 26 of November but so far the government seems far away from achieving the main objectives of what it called first 100-day development and reforms agenda. The six point agenda announced by the party before the general elections was all about transforming governance, strengthening of federation, revitalizing economic growth, uplift agriculture and conserving water, revolutionizing social services and ensuring Pakistan’s National security. Although it is well understood that achieving these kind of mega targets, which PTI had set for itself, was and is quite a difficult task to complete within a time period of 100 days, however we are yet to know what steps government have practically taken in this regard. Prime Minister Imran Khan is likely to unfurl progress report of his government on November 29 whereas the main opposition parties in the parliament (PML-N & PPP) will issue a fact-sheet on the government’s working in its first 100 days. Nonetheless, revival of economy is the most pressing challenge for the government at present. The Saudis have yet again came to the rescue of government and provided $6 billion package to ease economic crisis in the country. But despite that Pakistan is in dire need to have financial aid from other world monetary organizations. This is what Finance Minister Asad Umer said while talking to a news channel a couple of days back. The government he said has eliminated any foreseeable financing problems until June 30, 2019. But because it will take time to support and implement the basic reforms that we have to undertake, we think it is still a better option that an IMF programme is signed. He, however, maintained that such a programme will be entered into only if its conditions are in Pakistan’s interest. What the government needs to do is to focus and prioritize the issues as it is an important process that enables the government to identify the issues on which it should focus its limited resources. So far corruption remains the main focus of the government, it is true that accountability is the soul of democracy and essential for the development of the country but the government needs to realize that corruption is not the only problem but one of a plethora of problems the country has inherited from time to time since its independence. Peace and security, political and economical stability are the main challenges, which need to be addressed simultaneously. Since the economic growth and political stability are deeply interconnected and inter-related it is imperative that the government should engage with all political stakeholders within and outside the parliament to ensure political stability in the country. The political instability not only affects the economic growth but also affects the government’s overall performance. Sowing the seeds of political harmony will ultimately strengthen the democracy and democratic institutions besides ensuring the national security.

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