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Occupancy on precious lands of Malir Disrict by the Builders and land Mafia*

Arshad Ali,

Pakistan has been bestowed by Allah Almighty with many blessings in which rivers, ocean, mountains, plains , forests, fields, and especially the earth is rich in mineral resources which has many blessings such as coal, oil, gas and others also silver , gold, copper and precious stones are found from the mountains. The Pakistani region is benefited from all four seasons and is a centre of Asia according to geographic position. There are airports, and sea routes like Port Qasim, Gwadar, Jinnah Terminal and katy Bandar, . There are many beautiful places and Vales which have extended the beauty of Pakistan. Pakistan is rich in agriculture and many lands here are cultivated and the country is run from the income collected by the airports, river ports, agriculture, minerals, beautiful places, vales, mountains, forest, lands, minerals etc. Where this capital is used it is an other discussion but it is a triangle which has occupied the country’s resources. There is domination of these three parties all over the country. These are Capitalist, Feudalist and bureaucrat .Feudalist helps capitalist and capitalist uses his money and Bureaucrat issues NOC. Office matters, country matters are all in their hands also these people are found in Parliaments. At this time there is occupancy of this triangle found on the precious places of Karachi, especially on the precious government places of Malir . Lots of lands of Malir district have been confiscated every where. Confiscating Mafia looks active here and builders and land mafia have got control on them and large-scale builders have kept poor people lands under their seize having made a lot of large society and high-level plazas. When ever the land mafia builders occupy any land of Malir before this the feudalist or chief of area, political and nepotist parties representatives, MNAs, MPAs, Area Administration, Revenue Board and other people Join together and share the money as well and everyone is rewarded according to their services, and in the entire environment, the poor men be silent just and cannot do any thing. At this time, poor people in the entire Malir are scared and threatened for their lands by builders and land mafias and seldom they occupy forcedly. Then if an honest person goes against them and resists bravely, he is removed by their influence. Even their approach is found also at courts, they are easily successful in establishing their own big societies and plazas. It is also surprising that these builders and land mofia people are called respected people of society and decide good and bad of the people. At present, land mafia and builders have occupied many areas of Malir, including them Shah Latif, Abdullah Village, Razzaq Abad, Dhani Parto, Memon Village, Darsana Channa, Pipri, Shah Town, Ghaghar, surrounding of vegetable Market, Soomar Village , Behria town, Gadop , Konkar,
Chashma Goth, Rehry Goth, Ibrahim Haidry and many other areas. They sell them by confiscating or making Societies they earn much money. They also get illegal documents, they buy everyone from their money. So they sell this land to those who are poor people by alluring and cajoling them so forced people who do not have a home, they hardly buy their plot and bear their hunger to collect rupees in order to buy plots.They make their home so that they can live in their lives happily. As soon as the government changes, it keeps trying to vacate the government lands, which mafia had sold and releases action orders for vacation . Thus, poor men are stuck by both ways because the builder has sold it out. Then when the poor people became homeless again they complain to the police, but the police who becomes cruel for poor men’s miner mistake, here police becomes silent and does nothing then they knock a court gate for justice. you know about the courts that they announce the justice when complainer becomes no more. How can be protected the precious lands of country in shape of asset from land mafia? Will there be accountability of those Builders and Land Mafias or not. How poor men can save their lands when land mafia becomes system not a group of people. Where people get worried for two-time bread and are trapped in many conflicts and their lands of home are also captured and looted then what is the benefit of such society. Where should they go to their troubles, who will return their looted lands when the thieves also cry against thieves , when the caretaker of house rob the house and the justice and faith are sold then there is only Allah who is helper of country and country people in that situation

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