Turning LoC into permanent border no solution to Kashmir conflict

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Khizar Hayat Abbasi,

MUZAFFARABAD: Sardar Masood Khan, President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir has said turning Line of Control (LoC) into international border between India and Pakistan has never been considered as a viable option to resolve Jammu and Kashmir conflict.
In an interview to Global Village Space magazine, AJK president termed Kashmir as entity and remarked that any move to cut it into slices would be betrayal of the sacrifices offered by Kashmiri people in last seventy years.
“Making LOC an international border – will be a betrayal with the Kashmiris who have been giving sacrifices for the past seven decades for their right to self-determination,” Khan said and added that Kashmiris are giving blood every day to get their freedom from Indian occupation.
He said that majority of the Kashmiris wants to attach their fate with Pakistan, which is amply evident from the fact that tens of thousands of people surround the funeral pyres of their fallen heroes or young martyrs mowed down in fake encounters chant the slogans “Hum Pakistani Hain; Pakistan Humara Hey” (We are Pakistani; Pakistan is ours).
This (visible surge of solidarity with Pakistan in IOK) sends a strong signal to the people of Pakistan and enhances their obligations for a robust political and diplomatic campaign.
“Making the LOC a permanent border would just sweep the problem under the carpet. Self-determination is Kashmiris’ inalienable right and they are determined to attain it,” he maintained.
They (Kashmiris) have proven this by giving their blood for the past seventy-one years. Legally and politically, it would be prudent to make no unilateral concessions until a serious engagement on the resolution of the Kashmir dispute starts, Masood Khan emphasized.
When asked to comment on General Mushrraf’s famous four- point formula for resolution of Kashmir issue, president Masood said “probably it was a formula to maintain the geopolitical status quo in and around Jammu and Kashmir, while trying to build trust between Pakistan, India, and the Kashmiris”.
He said that behind closed doors and in the backdoor corridors, the recipe prepared by emissaries and principals may have sounded practicable, but they had yet to pass the test of public endorsement of all sides – Pakistan, India, and Kashmiris.
He said that idea of ‘free movement across the LOC’ without change of borders would have been a palliative and stand-by arrangement and not a lasting solution for the Kashmiris.
Similarly, he said, self-governance without independence (of Kashmir) and a ‘joint supervision mechanism comprising’– by India, Pakistan, and Kashmiris– would have been too complex and difficult a feat to achieve or manage for the three parties.

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