Cutting-edge silicone printer on display for first time outside Germany

Islamabad: The first-ever China International Import Expo (CIIE) is a platform to showcase hi-tech products and services from around the world, with many foreign enterprises bringing their most cutting-edge wares to Shanghai.
A silicone 3D printer nearly one meter tall on display at the expo’s high-end intelligent equipment exhibition area attracted lots of attention on Wednesday. Moving its metal arm, the printer slowly spat out threads too thin to be clearly seen with the naked eye.
The printer was showcased by German chemical maker Wacker Chemie. “It has the world’s first drop-on-demand DOD silicone 3D printing technology, which was just invented in 2016,” Florian Liesener, a material engineer with Wacker Chemie, told the Global Times on Wednesday.
“With this technology, we can print real silicone elastomers that can be made into sophisticated parts with complex geometries,” Liesener introduced.
For instance, medical staffers and students can do surgery exercises on simulation human organs made from silicone.

Supporting free trade

This is the first time that Wacker Chemie displayed its silicon 3D printer outside of Germany. The company is not selling the printer, but rather provides silicone printing services for global clients.
The company also brings some of its newly invented materials to the expo, including ultrathin precision silicone films that can be used to make intelligent wearable equipment and to produce energy from wave power plants.
“We’re very proud to be here in the first year of CIIE,” said president of Wacker Greater China Paul Lindblad on Wednesday. “We are pleased to introduce our innovative products to Chinese companies, and looking forward to seeing them make good things with these new materials.”
Lindblad added that Wacker Chemie is participating in the expo to show its support for free trade. “CIIE demonstrates China’s firm support to trade liberalization and economic globalization,” he told the Global Times. “We appreciate China’s determination to open its market more.”

Source:Global Times

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