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Time for a political process to resolve Kashmir dispute: National Front

Srinagar:(Parliament Times) Kashmir dispute can only be settled by means of a process where the people can express their political will. This was stated by the Jammu Kashmir National Front today. Spokesman of the party said in a statement that killings or jailing people can only aggravate the problem and add to the sufferings of the whole South Asian region who are desperately in search of peace and stability.
The Jammu Kashmir National Front spokesman said that despite India killed lakhs of people in Jammu Kashmir it could not crush the freedom sentiment and people still raise their voice in favour of freedom whenever they get a chance. Three lakh martyrs were recently remembered by people who were massacred in 1947 in Jammu only.
New Delhi jailed leaders like National Front chairman, Nayeem Khan and put him in infamous jails like Tihar, and tried to create a political vacuum. However the Kashmiri youngsters took the charge and frustrated India to the extent that it started killing even unarmed youth and arresting everyone who raised his voice against the Indian tyranny and imperialism.
Now, the time has come when India must stop testing the patience and steadfastness of leaders like Nayeem Khan and set him free so that a situation is created where a political process can be started to resolve the dispute according to the wishes and aspirations of the people.

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