UJC chief appeals GoP to extend military aid to Kashmiris

“Terms Jammu massacre as bleakest chapter of Kashmir’s history”

S. A Haidri,

Kotli: While paying eulogizing tributes to Jammu martyrs the Chairman United Jihad Council Syed Salah du Din has said that massacre of Muslims was the most horrible day in the history of subcontinent.
Terming it as a well thought out conspiracy the UJC chief said, “More than two hundred and fifty thousand Muslims living in Jammu and adjacent areas were killed in a single day on November 6 by Dogra forces accompanied by Hindu extremist group RSS and Indian armed forces when they were migrating to newly born state of that time ‘Pakistan”.
Addressing a press conference in district press club Kotli here on Tuesday the UJC chief urged the government of Pakistan to lend military aid to Kashmiris’ ongoing liberation struggle to help freedom fighters in held Kashmir to achieve their objectives. Syed said that it was time that the Government of Pakistan should move beyond the rhetoric and provide military support to freedom fighter in occupied Kashmir.
Speaking on the occasion, Syed reiterated that on 6th November 1947, several hundred thousand Kashmiri became victim of Hindu extremism, more than 350 mosque were demolished. “On this day, all Muslim majority areas in Jammu including Kathua, Udhampur, Reassi and other areas were vacated and houses were burned, more than fifty percent population of Kathua was missing, all Muslim soldiers and officers were also terminated from their public sector services.” Salah ud Din said.
He further stated that “more than 150,000 Kashmiris have been martyred, thousands of our women were molested, more than sixteen thousand are still missing, six thousand unknowns graves have been discovered in the last 28 years, now armed support by Government of Pakistan for our liberation is unavoidable.”
“Indian brutalities still continue in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir since 1947 when more than 3 lacs and 50 thousand Muslims were killed in three months collectively by RSS and Indian armed forces, those who raise slogans for freedom do not have guns but stones and they have been targeted by bullets and pellets in return”, he reiterated.
He added that Delhi government have no interest for Kashmiri people but they have occupied the land of Jammu and Kashmir because of its rich resources. “Orders of Indian Army Chief to shoot innocent civilians besides legal provision to use pellet guns on civilians by Supreme Court of India is tantamount to Indian detestation for Kashmiri people” he said.
He maintained that Kashmiri prisoners lodged in Indian jails were being deprived of basic living requirements adding that “Pakistan should leave the demand of peace talks as India has never been serious for dialogue on Kashmir issue”.
Syed Salah ud din reiterated that freedom from Indian occupation in Jammu and Kashmir was inevitable, India has always diverted global attention from Kashmir issue by showing that peace talks are in process and later on altered his stances by breaching the peace talks.
Vice chairman Jihad Council Muhammad Usman, Secretary General Sheikh Jameel ur Rehman, Commander Lashkar e Tayyaba Jammu and Kashmir Rana Muhammad Iftikhar, Masood Sarfraz of Hizb e Islami, Bakht Zameen Khan Commander Al-Baddar Mujahideen, Muhammad Farooq Kashmiri of Harkat ul Mujahideen, Commander Jaish e Muhammad Mufti Muhammad Asghar, Muhammad Ilyas Rizwan of Kashmir Liberation movement, Waseem Baig of Tahreek e Jihad, Javed Ahmed of Al-Fateh force and Commander Jan Muhammad were also present on the occasion.

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