MUST marches towards quality higher education in AJK

Altaf Hamid Rao,

MIRPUR (AJK): Azad Jammu Kashmir achieved a major break through in delivering the quality higher education in 25 disciplines of Science & Technology including engineering as well as general science and arts, harmonious to the need of the modern age after the only world-class state-run Mirpur University of Science & Technology Mirpur secured distinction, achieving laurels, one-after-the-other – since its inception in 2009 being the first varsity approved by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan – the HEC besides other related regulatory authorities including the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).
According to an investigative report, inked by the this Correspondent, the MUST, under the dynamic leadership of the seasoned academician – the incumbent Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Habib ur Rehman (Sitara e Imtiaz), emerged as the varsity of international standard securing following achievement as a result of his unprecedented contribution during last five years period particularly from October 2013 to so far including :-

Revival of the University Development Project (Rs. 1.908 Billion)
Establishment of Students’ Service Centre (Rs. 157.00 Million)
Publication of the University Calendar (Two Volumes)
Strengthening of Financial Resources through University Products and Services
Recurring Budget from Rs. 769.073 Million in 2013 to 1268.675 Million in 2017
Own Resources increased from 319.596 Million in 2013 to Rs. 509.499 in 2017.
Score in the HEC Quality Guide League Table increased from 41.30 points in 2013 to 91.52 points in 2017
Improved 11 places in the General University Ranking
Formation of Students’ Councils, Societies and Clubs
The Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) Strengthened
Campuses of the University are made beautiful places of the city.
Increase in Pakistan Education and Research Networks (PERN) from 20 mb to 160 mb
Development of Software for the Government Colleges
Use of Video Conferencing Facilities
Established Campus Management System (CMS)
Organized three (03) Convocations
Award of Honorary Degree to Prominent Kashmiri Leader, Syed Ali Shah Gellani, APHC Chairman for his scholarship and life long struggle for freedom.

Established Advanced Electrical Engineering Computational Laboratory with the help of PRESCON Engineering
Increased Ph.D. Faculty from 23 in 2013 to 66 in 2017
Increased Research Output from 57 publications in 2013 to 336 publications in 2017
Increased Research Projects from 04 in 2013 to 19 in 2017
Increased Students Enrollment from 3908 in 2013 to 5717 in 2017
Increased M.Phil. Enrollment from 286 in 2013 to 561 in 2017
Increased Ph.D. Enrollment from 11 in 2013 to 58 in 2017; Produced Two (02) Ph.Ds.
Developed University- Industry Links
International Seminar/ Conferences 05; National Seminar/ Conferences/ Workshops 32; Conferences/ Seminars on Kashmir 06; Lecture/ Talks/ Workshops 16; Functions/ Programs 24; MoUs Signed 11
Students’ Services and Welfare

Students’ Assistance Services; Counseling and Advisory Center; Formation of Students Councils; Counseling and Advisory Centre; Internships and Placement Office; Students Counseling Corner; Graduate Placement Bureau; Career Counseling Corner; HEC Need Based Scholarships; Scottish Scholarships; Merit Scholarships; MUST Need Base Scholarships; Students Guardian Insurance Scheme; HBL Foundation Scholarships; Development of Sports Facilities.

Diversification of Financial Resources and Public Service
Launched University Products; Material Testing Facilities; Consultancy Services; Software Development; Automated Driving Licenses for Police Department, GoAJK; Study/ Technical Support for Repair of Slop Failure of Mangla Dam; Public/ Community Services-Blood Donor Association; Software Development for KORT; Teaching Services for Schools and Colleges; Project on Water Analysis; MUST Digital Library Facility; Formation of the University Alumni Association
Development of the MUST Bhimber Campus
Feasibility Study Report; Establishment of 3 Departments; Allocation of 1500 Kanal of Land; Development of Sports and Hostel Facilities

Establishment of the MUST Campus Pallandri
Feasibility Study Report; Renovation of the Building; Establishment of 3 Departments; Allocation and Transfer of 523 Kanal Land to University.
Enhanced Repute of the University
Institutionalization of Procedures and Businesses of University; Improvement in Delivery System and Services to the Satisfaction of all Stakeholders; MoU Signed with 12 National and 11 International Institutions/ Agencies.
Earlier, the MUST , soon after its establishment in 2009, secured laurels to the period up to July 2011 under the able guidance and supervision of the sitting VC Prof. Dr. Habib ur Rehman – leading the varsity to the speedy path of progress through providing quality higher education in more than 22 disciplines of science, engineering, technology, general science and arts.
These achievement including the establishment of a full fledge / state of the art Main Campus at Allama Iqbal Road in Mirpur securing :-
MUST Ordinance/ Act
Feasibility Report
Approval of PC-I (Rs. 1.908 Billion)
Construction of Department of Electrical Engineering (Rs. 50.00 M)
Construction of Department of Mechanical Engineering (Rs. 65.00 M)
Construction of Department of Home Economics (Rs. 63.857 M)
Construction of Department of CS&IT (Rs. 113.174 M)
Construction of Boys Hostel (Rs. 58.442 M)
Construction of Boys Hostel (Rs. 52.00 M)
Construction of Girls Hostel (Rs. 32.00 M)
Construction of Academic Block and Boys Hostel (Rs. 227.576 M)
External Development (Rs. 10.00 M)
Establishment of Two New Faculties and 13 Departments
Strengthening of Financial Resource
Provision of Sports Facilities

Bhimber Campus:
Establishment of Campus
Establishment of 3 Departments
Students’ Hostels
Sports Facilities .
Earlier, the VC Prof. Dr. Habib ur Rehman, following his being the man of high intellect and pen being an experienced educationist, secured following achievements and contributions in his capacity as Vice Chancellor of the public sector University of AJK, Muzaffarabad from February 2008 for next four years July 2012:-
Main Campus: Development Projects
Approval of PC-I for Rs. 5.561 Billion from the HEC through ECNEC; Possession of 1000 kanal land; Construction of King Abdullah Campus of the UAJK; Construction of Students’ Hostels; Construction of Cafeteria.

Academic and Research
Infrastructural Development and Repair/ Renovation of Buildings (Rs. 32.681 M)
Improved QEC Ranking from below 60 percent to above 85 percent
Twenty two (22) faculty members sent abroad for Ph.D. studies
Establishment of 7 departments/ institutes
Started 10 B.Sc. Medical Technology Degree Programs
Revision of the University Calendar
Five University Convocations in Four Years including a special convocation for award of Two Honorary Degrees to Kashmiri Leaders, Sardar Muhammad Abdul Qayyum Khan and Professor Abdul Ghani Bhat, for their scholarship and life long struggle for freedom
Three International Conferences including one on Kashmir; Four National Conferences;
Research Outputs: Research publications from 61 in 2008 to 215 in 2012;
Research Projects from 4 in 2008 to 14 in 2012;
Establishment of High Tech Laboratory;
Students Enrollment in BS/ MA/ M.Sc. from 3184 in 2008 to 5743 in 2012;
Student Enrollment in M.Phil. from 50 in 2008 to 387 in 2012;
Student Enrollment in Ph.D. from 01 in 2008 to 82 in 2012

Public Service:
Blood Donor Association; Awareness Campaign; Flood Relief Centers
International Collaborations: University of Bradford UK; Conciliation Resource UK; USAID; East Carolina University UK and KfW Bank Germany
Institutionalization of Businesses and Procedures of the University
MoUs with Foreign Universities/ Agencies/ Organizations
Resurrected Co-curricular Activities
Formation of Students Councils, Societies and Clubs
Sports Facility Ranking goes up 12th Position

Strengthening of Financial Resource: 2007-2008 HEC Share: (517.800 Million; Own Resources 111.9 Million); 2011-2012 HEC Share: (903.100 Million; Own Resources 315 Million)
External Facing/ Promotion of University
Development of Rawalakot Campus of UAJK

Construction of Academic Block (Rs. 7.2 Million)
Development of Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (609.854 Million)
Construction of Pre-Fab Structure (Rs. 40.00 Million)
Construction of Class Rooms (Rs. 7.2 Million)

Development of Kotli Campus of UAJK

Construction of Commerce Block (Rs. 81.496 Million); Construction of Boundary Wall, Parking Shed, Repair and Renovation (Rs. 11.00 Million)
Contribution in the Establishment of University of the Poonch, Rawalakot
Feasibility Report, Ordinance of the University; Possession of 500 Kanal Land, Approval of PC-I for Rs. 2.00 Billion from the HEC through ECNEC.
Contribution in the Establishment of the University of Kotli, Kotli
Feasibility Report, Ordinance; Approval of PC-I for Rs. 2.00 Billion from the HEC through ECNEC
Contribution in the Establishment of the AJK Women University, Bagh
Feasibility Report; Ordinance; Approval of PC-II of Rs. 12.2 Million from the HEC; Approval of PC-I for Rs. 881.00 Million from the HEC through ECNEC.

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