Work on Chakdara-Chitral, Chitral-Gilgit Baltistan projects to start soon: Murad

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Islamabad: (PR) State Minister for Communications Mr. Murad Saeed has said, present government is determined to undertake road building schemes to accelerate pace of economic development in the country. Work on Chakdara-Chitral road and Chitral-Gilgit Baltistan road will be started within one year. He was talking to Mehboob Shah MNA from Malakand Division at Ministry of Communications here today. Mr. Murad Saeed said, road infrastructure plays vital role in socio economic development of the country, and construction of roads in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province stands among priorities of the government. Recalling beauty of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, he said, access to tourist resorts will surely pave the way to promote tourism industry there. He said, improvement of Chakdara-Chitral road and construction of Chitral-Gilgit Baltistan road will open up new avenues of development. In the past only slogans were raised for national development projects he said, but the present government is taking practical steps to realize projects of national importance. Work on Chakdara-Chitral-Gilgit-Baltistan schemes will be undertaken in one year, he added.
Mr. Mehboob Shah, MNA expressed gratitude to State Minister for Communications Mr. Murad Saeed for taking interest in road building projects in developing regions.

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