UNSC urged to address Kashmir, Palestine issues for protection of women against violence in territories under foreign occupation


NEW YORK: Pakistan has urged UN Security Council (SC) to place focus on sorting out old outstanding issues particularly Kashmir and Palestine for protection of women against violence in the territories under foreign occupation.
This was said by Pakistan permanent ambassador in UN Maleeha Lodhi while participating in debate entitled “women, peace and security” in UNSC Friday.
She underlined that woman are soft target in conflicts and forces of aggression subject them to exploitation generally. Mayhem, instability and chaos leave improper and lasting impact on women particularly girls. She added.
She went on to say that UNSC agenda on women, peace and security has provided a powerful tool for feminization of peace in post conflict environment. But we have to take this tool from a traditional thing to practical level.
She urged international community to ensure that every pillar of this agenda is paid equal attention and this framework is implemented at all levels.
She held that national human rights organizations can provide a critical link in the chain of accountability for women’s right violations,” she added.
Lodhi further pointed out that women remain excluded from peace processes and negotiations because of structural inequalities and discriminatory power structures, which inhibit efforts for inclusive peace.
Despite all of it, the women have emerged as leaders and consensus builders. We can bring women on table as real stake holders by ensuring their more purposeful participation so that they could safeguard their rights.
Talking on commitment of new government of Pakistan in regard to empowerment of women Maleeha said this figures in priorities of government.


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