India’s illegal occupation of J&K flagrant violation of Intl. law: Masood Khan


“Indian invasion of Kashmir, a reflection of expansionism & wild aspirations: PM AJK”

MUZAFFARABAD: (Parliament Times) The AJK President Sardar Muhammad Masood Khan, Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan and Information Minister Mushtaq Minhas in their separate statements issued on the eve of 71st Black Day have condemned in strong terms the India’s illegal and forcible occupation of Jammu and Kashmir while terming it as a flagrant violation of the international law.
In his message President said that Oct 27 is the blackest day in our history when India in stark violation of international laws landed its forces in Srinagar to forcibly occupy the State of Jammu and Kashmir.
“India despite promise of its first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaher Lal Nehru to give Kashmiris right to decide their future continuously denied them this right since then. She gave it a damn to UNSC resolutions on Kashmir giving the people their right to self-determination. When Kashmiris took to roads to attain their fundamental and internationally recognized right, Indian forces stifled their voice through military might in IHK. Its forces have been committing worst ever atrocities, tyrannies, human right abuses and state terrorism in the held valley” he said.
President Masood said gallant people of Azad Kashmir vacated their lands from dogras in 1947 against all odds. “The dogras were fully equipped with arms while freedom fighters had nothing with them but they made them flee from their territories. Freedom fighters also made it clear to India that they would not rest until they have liberated the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir from Indian subjugation” he said.
Prime Minister Haider said landing of Indian forces in Kashmir in 1947 reflects expansionist designs of India. He said India trampled moral and international principles under its feet by landing its forces in Srinagar on Oct 27, 1947. Indian rulers had cast their eyes on Kashmir which was full of natural resources even before partition of subcontinent, he added. He said India in collusion with Mahraja Harisingh forcibly occupied Hindu Minority State of Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmiris never accepted this conspiracy of India and Mahraja. He said India has been offering many lucrative packages to Kashmiris since 1947 to win their hearts and minds but valiant Kashmiris categorically rejected all such offers. “Nothing is acceptable to them except their right to self-determination granted by UN. When India failed to curb the determination and popular freedom struggle of Kashmiris through guns and pellet guns it introduced black laws in IHK and started targeting Kashmiri youth, children, women and elderly people to change the demography of the State” he maintained.
The Information Minister in his message on the eve said India had turned the entire valley into military zone. Puppet governments are installed there through sham elections to try to throw dust into eyes of international community that Kashmiris have their own government there. Minhas said it was India that went to UN first with Kashmir issue and when the world body passed resolutions for plebiscite India used dilly-dally tactics to implement Security Council resolutions. Minhas hoped that sacrifices of Kashmiris would bear fruit and soon people of IHK would breath in the free atmosphere like people of AJK.


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