Renowned singer Gulbahar Bano sent back to brother’s home after confirmation of ‘mental illnesses


Bahawalpur: The Sammasatta Police have sent presidential award winner singer Gulbahar Bano back home, after confirming that she wasn’t kept under illegal confinement by his step-brother and other family members.
Earlier, the Police had conducted a raid on the singer’s house in her village after receiving information that she was kept under alleged illegal detention by her step-brother, following her dispute with him over property and bank balance. The Police then had shifted her to hospital after taking her into protective custody.
Latter the Police, sent her back to her brother’s home after it was confirmed that she was going through ‘unstable mental condition’.
According to the singer’s brother, Bano was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2009 and hence was staying in his house.
Born in 1955 in Bahawalpur, Bano rose to fame in the 70’s and the 80’s. She is known for her ghazalsChahat Mein Kia Dunya Dari, Hamain Jahan Mey, Kya Kya Yeh Rang, Kabhi Kabhi To among others.


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