Govt drops electricity bombshell on people


Islamabad: Government has once again dropped bombshell of electricity on people by scaling up power tariff by 20 paisas per unit.
According to media reports, NEPRA has approved summary of increase of 20- paisa per unit in power tariff.
Increase in power tariff has been made against monthly fuel adjustment.
NEPRA has approved hike in power tariff under head of fuel adjustment for the month of September.
Extra financial burden of Rs 2.50 billion will be put on power consumers due to upsurge in power tariff.
On the other hand, cost of fuel was Rs 5.12 per unit in September while the cost of electricity given to power distribution companies was Rs 5.56 per unit.
On the other hand, government is facing severe pressure from general public on the matter of increase in electricity price.
Ministry of water and power had contacted NEPRA two days before for increase in power tariff.


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