Failure of PTI’s government will be big setback : JI


Lahore: Ameer Jamaat e Islami Senator Sirjaul Haq has said that it would be a big tragedy if the people got an impression that the policies of the PTI government had failed.
Addressing the JI central leaders at Mansoora on Wednesday, he however added that neither the country’s economy would stabilize nor the economic crisis would be over unless the government switched over to the Islamic economic system. He said that ad hoc measures could improve the situation for a short period but the masses could not be pulled out of their problems. He said the government should have prepared a permanent plan to overcome the economic crisis but it was nowhere in sight till now.
Sirajul Haq appreciated the observations of the Chief Justice of Pakistan regarding NAB’s working which had been unable to develop a comprehensive system to control corruption and prove its impartiality.
He said the JI wanted a system of across the board accountability so that the corrupt could not escape. He said this was the demand of the entire nation which wanted to see justice and accountability being done.
The JI Chief said that the crumbling of the country’s economy within a few months was a big tragedy especially in view of the vast resources of the country and its manpower as all our plans had to be suspended till some foreign country came to our help. He however said if the rulers bade farewell to the interest based economy, sought forgiveness from Allah and adopted the system of Zakat and Ushr, all our economic problems could be overcome. Sirajul Haq once again appealed to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to order trial of the 436 persons named in the Panama leaks and a complete audit of their wealth within the country and abroad. He said that the NAB should be directed to go after the big fish and especially investigate the 150 mega scandals already pending with it. He said the people wanted end to moral corruption besides the financial corruption.
He said the JI was holding a national seminar on the economic situation at which leading economists of the country would offer solutions to the present economic crisis.


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