Decision taken to conduct audit of 10 –year accounts of WASA, RDA


Rawalpindi: Chairman Rawalpindi Development Authority Arif Ali Abbasi has decided to conduct audit of RDA and WASA for the last 10 years.
As the period of audit pertains to PML-N government, therefore, decision has been taken that audit of these two civic bodies should be got conducted from Province other than Punjab.
According to media reports, Chairman RDA claimed that record corruption had been committed during the last ten years in RDA and WASA.
He said both institutions’ have been rendered bankrupt financially.
Funds of billions of rupees were issued from Punjab Government while both departments have no resources to pay salaries of their employees.
Chairman said that a great number of illegal housing schemes were started but the leakage of department revenue has reached such extent that neither RDA is getting any amount from housing schemes nor WASA is receiving any fee of tube wells, installed in these housing projects .


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