Central Traders fora celebrates AJK Govt. founding day with renewed pledge


MIRPUR (AJK): Besides all other segments of the private and public sector of the society, business community also celebrated the 71st Founding Day of AJK government with great enthusiasm and devotion here on Wednesday:
A special fceremony was held on this occasion under the auspices of Markazi Anjuman-e-Tajran (Ittehad Group) here on Wednesday at its local business complex.
The AJK government founding anniversary was marked with the distribution to sweet meats on this occasion besides exchanging of felicitations to each other on this occasion. The participants prayed for the up gradation of the status of all the martyrs of Pakistan and Jammu & Kashmir in heaven, early liberation of occupied Jammu Kashmir besides for the stability, security, prosperity and progress of Pakistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir.
Addressing the ceremony speakers including the Ittehad Group head of the Markazi Anjuman-e-Tajran Mirpur Ch. Mahmood Ahmed, PPP Mirpur district President Ch. Qasim Majeed and others recalled that the Kashmiris were continuing their indigenous and historic struggle for freedom in the occupied state of Jammu and Kashmir for the liberation of the motherland from the long Indian shackles.
Speakers urged upon the free world to help the people of the Indian-held part of the state seeking liberation from the Indian clutches and afford them opportunity to decide their future in line with the U.N resolutions on Kashmir. They also highlighted the chapters of the history which make the state of Jammu & Kashmir an integral part of Pakistan through historical, geographical, religious territorial and all other natural links.
Speakers called upon United Nations to fulfill its due obligations and global promise without any further delay paving a way for the early solution of the long standing dispute of Kashmir in an amicable way through the result oriented composite dialogue between India and Pakistan.
Speakers also urged the international community to exert pressure on India to move for resumption of a composite dialogue with Pakistan for ultimate reaching to the early peaceful settlement of all outstanding differences including the core issue of Kashmir according to the aspirations of the Kashmiris.
Through various other similar ceremonies held in different parts of Mirpur division, Kashmiris apprised the world that they will continue their ongoing struggle for freedom till such time that the atrocities being committed on the innocent Kashmiris by the Indian occupation forces are brought to a permanent end. They reiterated that the true spirit of the establishment of Azad Jammu Kashmir will be achieved with a pledge to make the area prosperous but also get their brethren in occupied Jammu Kashmir freedom from the Indian tyrannical rule .
Earlier the day dawned with special prayers for the early liberation of Indian held Jammu Kashmir, speedy progress and prosperity if Azad Jammu Kashmir and for the stability, progress and prosperity of Pakistan, the ultimate destination of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, who had linked their destiny with it, the day they initiated their voice against the Indian-backed dogra regime over seven decades ago.


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