New govt should be given time to show performance: Altaf Shakoor


Karachi: (PR) Pasban Democratic Party President Altaf Shakoor,
expressing concern over meetings of politicians apparently to topple the Khan government, has said that the new government should be given more time to show its performance.
In a statement here Tuesday, he said that some veteran politicians, many of them with serious corruption charges, have started meetings and activities against the new government. He said these activities are premature as the new government should be given some time to show its performance. He said the people have already been fed up with the old political faces and they do not want to see the new faces also go failed. He said the new government has got mandate of people and it should be given opportunity to work and
show its worth.
However, Altaf Shakoor advised the Khan government to show some maturity and statesmanship and not to take unpopular decisions like going to take new costly loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). He asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to take serious efforts for early repatriation of Dr Aafia Siddiqui. He said all the missing persons should be presented before courts and let the court decide who is criminal and who is innocent. He said the persons who have committed any crime should be punished as per law, while the innocent persons should be immediately released.
He said that the new government has opened the floodgates of price hike with an unprecedented depreciation of Pakistani rupee. He said the rupee depreciation would further increases hunger, poverty and joblessness in Pakistan and play a big role in rapid unpopularity and possible doom of the new government. He said Pakistan is providing free of cost access to foreign countries, especially NATO, to reach Afghanistan. He said if the government charges some fair amount for the use of its infrastructure by these nations, we would not have to extend the begging bowl before the IMF
or Saudi Arabia.
He said while neglecting megacity Karachi we cannot attain a rapid
socioeconomic progress. He reiterated the demand of Pasban to amend the constitution and give constitutional status of megacity to both Karachi and Lahore without further loss of time.


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