AJK President, PM & Inf Minister issue special messages on the 71st Founding Day of AJK


MUZAFFARABAD: (Parliament Times) On the 71st Founding Day of Azad Jammu and Kashmir the AJK President, Prime Minister and Information Minister issued special messages here on Tuesday.
President Masood Khan in his message vowed to continue the struggle with full force for which base camp government was established. “Setting up of AJK government was not a mere coincidence. The Muslims of State of Jammu and Kashmir had made historic efforts for it. The State Muslims by adopting resolution of accession to Pakistan on July 19, 1947 in Srinagar had determined their future to be with Pakistan” he said. Soon after making this decision they realized that Muslims of the Kashmir State were not being given the opportunity to determine their future as per formula and principle of division of the sub-continent and the state was being made part of India under a pre-conceived conspiracy, he added. He said the Muslims then kicked off the practical struggle and announced “Jehad” against despotic dogra regime to materialize the resolution of accession to Pakistan. The “Jehadists” freed one third of the State from dogra and set up AJK government on Oct 24, 1947.
Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan in his message said that his government effectively and forcefully highlighted Kashmir issue over the globe including international forums, Islamic countries, and the civilized world. He said India’s intransigence and obduracy compelled Kashmiris to take to streets and roads to liberate themselves from brutal Indian government. The chapters added by people of Jammu and Kashmir in Kashmir history of bloodbath and carnage at the hands of Indian forces have no precedence in world history, he observed. Kashmir people through a long and arduous struggle has proved that they are ready to face any kind of atrocities and repressions for their right to self-determination, he maintained. He said his government had intensified efforts to highlight Kashmir conflict and garner the maximum support of international community on it.
Information Minister Mushtaq Ahmed Minhas in his separate message on the occasion said that millions of Kashmiris have lighted the torch of freedom and they would not let it put off until they free themselves from the subjugation of India. Kashmiris have already offered unprecedented sacrifices during the long struggle of liberation and they would not reverse until they achieve their goal, he remarked. He said India despite applying all kinds of brutalities and savagery against Kashmiris could not dampen their spirit for freedom. People of Kashmir are determined to snatch their freedom from India and complete their mission of accession to Pakistan.


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