PM orders inquiry against 3 ministers on corruption charges


ISLAMABAD: As many as 3 federal ministers are facing corruption charges during the first 100 days of PTI government and Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has ordered probe against them on alleged corruption charges.
PM will sack these three ministers if the corruption charges are proved against them.
According to media reports, PM Imran Khan disclosed about involvement of his ministers in corruption during cabinet meeting on Thursday. PM made this disclosure while addressing the federal cabinet after all government officials had left cabinet meeting room.
Federal ministers, state ministers, special assistants and advisors were present in the meeting.
PM said elementary reports about involvement of ministers in corruption have been received and inquiry has been ordered into corruption charges. He will sack corrupt ministers if the allegations are proved against them.
He said “ I have 22 –years long struggle against the corruption and I will not compromise over it.
This disclosure stunned the participants of the meeting.
On the other hand information minister Fawad Chaudhry has said no inquiry is being conducted against any federal minister on corruption charges.
In his message on twitter he said that PM Imran Khan has not talked of any inquiry against any minister on corruption charges in cabinet meeting. Imran Khan had insisted on not committing corruption saying corruption of any kind is not acceptable.
He said such reports are baseless and false. Without ascertaining government stance, publication of such reports by news paper is immoral.


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