Chairman KC-EU condemns killings of Kashmiris in Kulgam district of IHK


BRUSSELS: Chairman Kashmir Council Europe (KC-EU) Mr Ali Raza Syed has strongly condemned a new episode of massacre of the people of Kashmir in Kulgam area of Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) on Sunday.
In a statement he said, ”We strongly condemned massive killings of Kashmiris specially civilians including nine year innocent boy in Laroo village of Kulgam district in IHK.”
At least 10 people including seven civilians (nine year boy was among them) were killed while over 50 people were injured at Laroo village of Kulgam in southern part of IHK on Sunday.
Expressing serious concern over terrible situation of IHK, Chairman Kashmir Council said, under the Modi government the Indian ruthless forces obtained more power to kill the innocent civilians of Kashmir. He added, it is a worst kind of brutality and organized genocide of the people of Kashmir.
He also expressed solidarity with the members of the bereaved families and people injured in the attack.
He said, as the elections in India would be held in near future, under a dirty politics the Modi government started to practice more ruthless and brutal tactics against the innocent people of Kashmir in order to win the upcoming elections.
Ali Raza Syed said, he will soon write a letter to UN and EU in order to inform them about worst situation of IHK.
He called the international community to come forward effectively stop the genocide of the people of Kashmir committed by Indian forces and also put pressure on Indian authorities to settle the Kashmir issue in accordance with the wishes and aspirations of the people of Kashmir.
Chairman KC-EU also demanded that the UN and EU should immediately send their fact finding missions to Indian held Kashmir. He asked that International community should play its role in order to decrease sufferings and miseries of the people of Kashmir.
It is important to mention that Kashmir Council EU will organize a protest demonstration in front of Indian Embassy on 27th October in Brussels.
The protest is being arranged to mark the day (black day) of occupation of Kashmir by the Indian forces on 27th October 1947.


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