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Flaws with Pakistan

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Rizwan Afridi
Pakistan is suffering from many diseases such as economic crisis, power crisis etc.
Pakistan has done well in many areas and arguably can still emerge as a successful state and cohesive nation.The flaw with Pakistan is that it has never learn from its past adventures. Some critics are calling Pakistan as a fail country or nation while a few call as developing nation. Here I want to share some root causes and reasons of Pakistan’s backwardness in several major fields and these are:
The failure to live up to past expectations,one’s own and those of others. The Failure of vision and leadership. The Economic failure and catastrophic failure.
These are the basic failures of Pakistan that has brought Pakistan to doorstep of failure. Now, What we have to do now is to overcome these failures to uplift Pakistan from a fail nation to a develop nation. It’s never late to mend ways, so we are not late we have to create change ,positive change, that will be in favour of Pakistan.

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