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In the past decades, there has been an excessive dearth in the production of forest in the country (Pakistan).Deforestation is a great threat not only to human but also to animals, birds and reptiles as forest is the habitat millions of species.
Deforestation causes an increase in temperature. The scarcity of forest mean reducing of larger amount of greenhouse gases enter in the atmosphere, hence result in the increase global warming. Increasing temperature is the biggest reason of melting glaciers, which feed Indus River in summer and monsoon.
According to the report of 2013 glaciers in Pakistan were continuously melting because of rising temperature and by the year 2035 the country will not have resources of water in shape of glaciers. The continuously melting glacier result in the formation of glacier ,lakes ,which outburst flood , likewise in increasing temperature effect humans and other living organism. So it is imperative to take stand against illegal woodcutters and deforestation, which have adverse effects on soil, water, the climate, and the ecosystems they are part of.
Both governmental and Non-Governmental organization need to be active regarding forestation and environmental care and the media should too raise such issues to aware common masses.
-Ijaz ul Haque

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