We can not run Pakistan on compromise : Fawad Ch

ISLAMABAD: Information minister Fawad Chaudhry has said country’s institutions will have to stand on their own feet as Pakistan can not make progress unless the institutions stand on their feet.
“ Our stance is very clear. We can not run Pakistan on compromise because it will not impart stability. If we want stability then we will have to look at our own weaknesses. It can not be allowed that PTV is getting Rs 7.5 billion and PTV and Radio Pakistan are getting Rs 4 billion and even then they are running in loss. Unless the institutions learn to stand on their own feet, country cannot make progress. If government is providing money to these institutions, its burden is being borne by the people and we don’t want to put the people under such burden”, he said this while addressing a ceremony here Tuesday.
He went on to say that we can not run Pakistan on compromise. We have taken tough decisions in perspective of economy. We have talked to friendly countries as well.
“So enormous burden has been placed on shoulders of poor masses of the country that they cannot bear it. On one side there is such section of society which seeks admission in hospital at London if it suffers from coughing and on the other hand the hospitals condition in the country is so much miserable for poor patients that two patients are seen lying on one bed. The rich is becoming the richest and the poor is becoming the poorest in the country”, he remarked
We will have to think about PTV, Radio Pakistan, APP, Postal Service, Pakistan Railway and PIA that how we have to move forward. Our postal service is running on what fashion, the international services don’t run this way and they earn profit. Our service is far behind it. The fault lies with government policies”, he added.
Appointments were made on the basis of political affiliations by previous regimes and the institutions were ruined. The favorites were inducted on profitable posts and those possessing constructive thinking were ignored, he observed.
He said the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) led government did not want to approach the International Monetary Fund (IMF) but had to take the difficult decision of doing so.
He observed that the governments strengthen the institutions so that the people become strong. Because if we weaken the institutions then country and state will become weak.
About accountability process he said how much they cry, the accountability process will continue.
He went on to say if opposition wants to summon National Assembly session then we have no objection. We will summon NA session if opposition files requisition with the signatures of 90 members of national assembly, he added.
He stated that 28 billion dollars are needed to run the country while 8 billion dollars are needed to repay the loan. We will have to set right the institutions and will have to bring investment. We will have to conduct accountability besides providing opportunities to overseas Pakistanis to do business in the country.
Now the situation is this that when overseas Pakistanis set feet in Pakistan every institution starts exploiting them.
He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan is highly sympathizer for the poor masses and in his presence any cabinet member and member of bureaucracy can not even think of minting money and playing with the fate of the country.

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