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Trash will Kills Margala Hill’s Beauty

God gifted Margala hills are safe and peaceful place for hiking, camping and relaxing where we are very close to nature and its amazing view. Hiking is very good for health and fitness. We are very far from nature and this is a biggest way to see nature. Thousands of forest birds and animals are there living in a natural environment and colorful butterflies hovering over multi-colour flowers increase the Natural Beauty. Thousands of Tourists (Local & Foreigners) enjoy a lot of fun, Barbie-Q and much more. Mostly Elite class & decent people of society go there for hiking and carry snacks and other refreshments with them in backpacks. But so sadly we are here to confess that these people impersonate their role to pollute the Margala Hills by spreading trash all over the trails which is deadly for Nature and killer of new plants productions. Someone must take the responsibility to contributing their roles to further beautify the natural mountainous view. So please it is a request to every single person please contribute his/her role to save Margala Hills natural Beauty. Don’t throw wrappers and bottles in to trails. When you go to hike please get back your trash and throw into dust bin.

-Umer Ishtiaq Abbas
NUML university Islamabad

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