India is trampling human rights in Occupied Kashmir unhindered: Maleeha Lodhi

NEW YORK: Pakistan permanent representative to UN Maleeha Lodhi has said India is trampling basic human rights in Occupied Kashmir unhindered and international community should take solid and meaningful steps to sort our Kashmir conundrum
She said this during debate in UN General Assembly on Tuesday. She reiterated Pakistan wants to resolve all the problems including Kashmir through dialogue.
India always evaded to pursue talks process with Pakistan to bring to end the disputes. Kashmir is the oldest outstanding issue on Security Council agenda.
It is regrettable that UN resolutions have not been implemented so far on Kashmir issue, she remarked
She underlined that High Commissioner report has exposed Indian atrocities in held Kashmir. Fundamental rights are being violated in an organized manner in Occupied Kashmir and India is trampling human rights therein unhindered.
She stressed that it is necessary that root causes of terrorism should be addressed and long outstanding issues and the factors like lawlessness should be brought to end.
She stated that Pakistan army has cleansed Pakistan soil from the terrorists.

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