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Grass is always Greener on other side of fence

The grass always look green from afar. Only when you go closer will you realize that it is not so.
Similarly this proverb simply goes to say that one must always be content with what one has and not keep comparing it with what others have.
When we are not happy with what we have, then what the other person possesses always looks better. Only when we place ourselves in their position will we realize that everyone has their own set of problems and difficulties. Abdullah had always dreamt of working in the USA. It was his long time ambition to study abroad and also find employment there. He was not happy to stay and work in Pakistan . He was always complaining about the living conditions, corruption, pollution, population and traffic. He forever spoke highly about the disciplined life, working culture, clean surroundings and economic opportunities that other countries had to offer.
In short Abdullah thought that living abroad was the best way to earn money and enjoy a lavish lifestyle. So when he got an offer to work in the USA, he readily grabbed the opportunity. Abdullah enjoyed his stay in the US during the first few months. The new surroundings and varied landscape were a source of great wonder and excitement for him. But slowly and steady he realized that he was missing Pakistani food. He realized that people abroad led a very mechanical life and there was no interaction between neighbours.
Although one could earn a lot of money and stay in clean surroundings, Abdullah realized that things like family camaraderie, colourful festivities that we have in Pakistani the variety in food, clothes, culture and entertainment were all missing there. He was missing the very crowds that he had complained about.
It was then that he realized that every place and situation had its own advantages and disadvantages. It is foolish to compare people, places or things. Each has a distinct feature. We always think that the other side looks more appealing. Only when you experience you realize that everywhere there are problems to be faced and issues to be solved. So the best way to be happy is to stay contented and stop grumbling.

-Abbas Ali

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