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Justice for Urooj!

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Urooj a student of BS English was founded dead in a hostel on 27th September in post graduate college for girls in Rawalpindi. She was student of BS English (ATS ) 3RD Semester at UOG ( Rawalpindi campus ). She was the only child of her mother. Before her death at 11pm she felt that any poisonous worms bite in her body. The area of college was polluted, there were no proper facilities of hostel cleaning. Different kinds of harmful worms are there. After worm bite she told her mates to take her to hospital, her friends narrated the issue to warden but warden excused to take her to hospital. Next morning she was found dead. Had her mother sent Urooj to college for dying? What sort of message is being sent to parents with such type of negligence. Who is responsible for her death? Rawalpindi is a major city of Pakistan, connected with capital of Pakistan. Is there no value of life in our country? Where is the administration of college? what they are doing to find the culprits? Administration should co-operate with law enforcement agencies to find the faults and culprits.

Syed Ali Jawad

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