India is an aggressor, Kashmiris reserve right to fight illegal occupation: AJK PM

ISLAMABAD: (Parliament Times) Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider Khan has said that India has forcibly occupied the land of Jammu and Kashmir saying that Kashmiris, as per the international covenants, have every right to fight against India’s illegal occupation of their motherland.
AJK PM expressed these views in a TV talk show here on Thursday. He asked Pakistan not to show any urgency for dialogue with India as that country has always fled from the negotiations with Pakistan on Kashmir. India use dialogue as a gimmick to pressurize Pakistan for dialogue, he added.
He questioned that which terrorism India was talking about after it remained engaged in a systematic massacring of Kashmiris for decades. He said Kahsmiris are no more scared of India and they will not rest until they had expelled Indian forces from Kashmir. He said BJP and Congress are equally responsible for bloodbath of Kashmiris in the held valley.
The Premier recalled one of his meetings with former foreign minister of India Inder Kumar Gujral and said the later had told him during his visit to India that foreign policy of India was whose foundation was laid by Nehru. “Under this very policy, Indian armed forces had occupied Kashmir” he said.
To a question he said he had informed Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi that Modi would not come to negotiations as they have elections approaching fast. “Modi is creating an atmosphere of hostilities against Pakistan to gain votes. He said India was engaged in a policy of destabilizing Pakistan. It was not only shelling from across the border on innocent people of AJK living close to the border but also busy in subversive activities in the country he said”.
He asked the Prime Minister Imran Khan to take all political parties in confidence on Kashmir issue and send delegations to different countries comprising leaders from opposition and other parties like Bilawal Bhutto, Sirajul Haque and others to highlight Kashmir issue abroad.
Mr. Haider pointed out that Shabbir Ahmed Shah, Asia Andrabi and other hurriyat leaders incarcerated in Tahar prison have been deprived of basic facilities.
To another question the Premier said he would take part in the conference on Kashmir in Brussels on November 6. He was of the view that Kashmiri leadership should hold demonstrations unitedly at international forums. In this connection he had asked Barrister Sultan Mehmood Ch. Abdur Rashid Turabi, Ch. Latif Akbar and Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan to take the lead. He said he had also accepted the invitation from Lord Nazir Ahmed to take part in the Black Day to be organized in London on October 27.

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