President , PPP AJK Ch. Latif Akbar denounces Sardar Attique over Neelum Jehlum Hydro Power Project issue


Muzaffarabad: (Parliament Times) President Pakistan People’s Party Azad Jammu and Kashmir (PPP AJK) Chaudhary Latif Akbar has said that Sardar Attique Ahmed is on revenge against the people of Muzaffarabad, his statements are unnerved.
While addressing a press conference here on Saturday, he criticized the Ex- Prime Minister AJK Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan on his statement against PPP regarding negligence of past government concerning water shortage in Neelum River after diversion into Neelum Jehlum Hydro Power Project.
“Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan during his tenure as Prime Minister of the State arranged the ground breaking ceremony of NJHP without taking mitigating measures, no any environmental study was conducted before the inauguration of NJHP” Akbar maintained.
He said, “Attique Khan has given 5 million rupees to Shiekh Rasheed to arrange a meeting with Imran Khan before general elections.”
He reiterated that people should know that he is the person who campaigned for the recognition of Israel as country.
He said that Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan as being Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) should raise voice on the floor of Assembly instead of addressing press conferences in media lobby.
“I am astonished that they can walk out from assembly sessions for allocation of funds but do not protest for public issues” he said.
He uttered that Sardar Attique Khan’s father met Bheem Singh several time secretly, people should know about his malicious and dirty politics.
Latif Akbar stated that Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan’s anti-Muzaffarabad conspiracies are not new to anyone but he has been doing this since his father lost the elections from Muzaffarabad, moreover his desire for revenge has gone utmost after the defeat of his son in by-elections of 2011.
He added that masses of Muzaffarabad must know that who issued the notification for shifting the Capital from Muzaffarabad.
Ex Minister AJK Sardar Javed Ayub, Chaudhary Rasheed, Shaukat Javed Mir, Azhar Sheikh and other party leaders were also present on the occasion.