Rapid Response Force set up in Holy Family Hospital to settle patients-doctors disputes


Rawalpindi: In order to settle dispute between doctors, patients and paramedical staff a Rapid Response Force (RRF) has been established in the Holy Family Hospital.
According to media reports this task force will solve the problems of patients within 5 minutes while responding amicably on the issue besides providing protection to doctors and paramedical staff.
RRS includes DMS Admin, two supervisors’, two security guards, one police official and a nursing Incharge.
Formal SOPs has also been formed for this task force.
The first and foremost priority of this force is to solve the problems of patients and attendants.
On the other hand, security will be provided in the Lady Doctor’s rooms and sensitive Areas.
Medical Superintendent, Dr Shehzad Ahmad said that their first priority is to make sure no delay is made in patient’s treatment and doctrine of good behavior is upheld.
He said not only patients and their attendants will have to cooperate with the hospital administration but Rapid Response Force will also present its report to MS after solving the problems of patients in case of any mismanagement from doctors or Paramedics.


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