‘Drought in thar to prevail until water is not given to Sindh’ says Naz Baloch


Islamabad: Pakistan People’s Party leader Naz Baloch on Friday lashed out at Pakistan Tehreek-i- Insaf Government for not giving due attention to pervasive drought in Thar saying, until Sindh doesn’t get [more] water the drought will prolong.
“The Government was providing wheat to Afghanistan when its own population is starving to death”.
She said the Government was claiming to produce 10 million new jobs, but it is now giving Radio Pakistan on lease.
“Imran Khan is pursuing the policies which he used to oppose in the past, Perhaps the Government has changed itself while chanting Change, change”, she added.
She expressed these views on the floor of National Assembly on Friday.
The PPP MNA said Imran Khan has forsaken the people of Balochistan. “PM Imran used to say during tenure of previous government that the erstwhile government has imposed “Jaga Tax”. But now he has increased the prices of gas and electricity and taken away loaf of bread from common people”.
She also demanded for constitution of a committee to check the use of un-parliamentary language in the house.
She pointed out that 70% of revenue was coming from Sindh but we know how much of attention is being given by government to Karachi.


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