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Turkish Ambassador visits IMSciences, Peshawar

Peshawar: The Turkish ambassador Pakistan, Mr. Ihsan Mustafa Yurdakul visited IMSciences Peshawar on Wednesday. Director IMSciences gave a warm welcoming speech in which he stressed on the mutual love and respect between the two countries.
Mr. Yurdakul in his speech thanked the director for the warm welcome and spoke on lighter subjects for a while. The ambassador informed the audience about his favourite Pakistan Super League (PSL) team, which is Peshawar Zalmi. He went on to crack some local Turkish jokes which carried humour beyond borders as everyone laughed at them.
The ambassador then moved on to more serious topics and talked about Turkey’s standing in the international arena. He stressed that Turkey is a soft power country which desires peace for the world in general and for its neighbours in specific. Turkey believes in the idea that security brings stability.
Upon being asked how turkey sees it’s relationship with the new Pakistan government under Imran Khan’s leadership, the ambassador gave a very moving answer. The ambassador said a relationship requires some level of distance between the two sides, whereas Turkish and Pakistani people are one at heart. So it doesn’t matter whether governments, presidents or prime ministers change, Pakistan and Turkey would always be very close.
Answering another question about Turkish half-heartedness in joining the CPEC project, the ambassador said Pakistan ought to be more proactive in inviting Turkish investors and entrepreneurs to the project. However Turkey has interest in the CPEC project.
The ambassador went on entertaining many other questions from the audience, after which gift’s were exchanged between the Director IMSciences and the Ambassador.

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