Plight of McDonald’s employees

So called multinational company, no justice, no sensation, no compensation and no sympathy, the employees of McDonald’s have been raising their voice for justice for decades but unfortunately, no one stands for them even Upper Management is also silent. Uneducated Restaurant Managers, fraud Operational Consultants are making fools to the workers and kick out them from job on minor mistakes and sometimes without mistakes. The people who are working in McDonald’s Autobhan branch are facing highly abusive languages by the uneducated management. The Autobhan management kicked out many workers from job without reasons; the job was only source of income of their families and studies. I am also victimized of McDonald’s; I have been kicked out from job without reasons. I wrote many letters to the OC Shujat but he is the cruel person and takes advantages of compulsions of workers.
McDonald’s is the Multinational company in which the policies, rules and regulations are equal for all but at Autobhan there are no rules and regulations for managers and management they do with workers as they want.
Finally, it is my humble request to the Sultan Lakhani Sahb and group of Lakhani Sahb to take some serious steps against the people who misbehave with workers and kick them out from job without reasons.

Ghulam Mustafa Rustamani, Qasimabad, Hyderabad

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