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Dissecting Mannan’s letter & busting myths

(SYED TAJAMUL IMRAN) The background of writing this in-depth piece is that Dr. Mannan wani’s letter came, and then counter questions were raised to the same in response, and the baseline of our pious struggle and what makes it unique. This is neither court poetry nor an emotional analysis of our struggle but an honest description of realities without any rhetoric.
Islam since its inception has been religion that has thrust on its core Justice as Principal and always laid emphasis on justice for all human beings. Kashmir as we all know has been paradise on earth due to its eye warming natural beauty but oppression of centuries let lose by oppressors of all colours and hues has made it virtual hell for its humans. Recently scholar turned rebel Dr Mannan wani penned down certainly a historical piece which was worth million op-eds but in the rhetoric of state where we are told to fight by pen the oppressive mechanisms of the state could not even tolerate the letter for few hours. Focusing on the topic of oppression we face and need to bust the myths time is ripe.
As Mannan’s letter echoes the sad reality that genocide could be our destiny but it also reflects our will and theme to either resist or perish but not to live a life of humiliation and shame .People in Kashmir have clearly given their referendum by not just coming on encounter sites but presenting there chests to bullets and in a way signifying that your bullets are piercing our chests and heart but strengthening our sentiment for freedom. The state gets our dead bodies on daily basis now and sometimes they name us terrorist, militant or ultra but they never get our obedience.
One funeral is giving rise to ten rebels and one encounter bringing thousands to scene to present themselves as unarmed civilians to protect fighters in front of the gun of the state clearly testifying that it is the rebels who rule hearts and mind. The state propaganda runs look they are like “ISIS”, THEY will bring “ISIS” type governance but ground realities suggest otherwise . In Iraq or Syria no one has so far among civilians sacrificed his life to save an ISIS fighter but here millions are ready to save one fighter clearly proving beyond doubt that this is freedom struggle. The state also questions us that Shia’s don’t support you and this seems a laughable logic. Be it in resistance front or representation front Shia muslim brothers have given their lives and careers for the Kashmir liberation struggle. The fear is such of state that even tenth Muharram procession totally religious in colour is banned since three decades.
As put in Mannan wanis letter and also proven by the realities we as a nation of resistance have always graduated to next levels to keep the flame of liberation alive. We used to leave homes for months when encounter used to take place in vicinity but within few years we defeated fear in such dashing fashion that we as unarmed civilians rush to take bullets of mighty army to save fighters. When state brought the dreaded counter insurgency force or militia the notorious Ikhwan they thought it is end of the road but within no time they became social outcast and today the pulse of resistance has reached to that optimum level that even families of the so called mainstream and policeman celebrate resistance. The Kashmir we live in currently sees many a million tragedies but its uniqueness lies that the parrots of Indian state who used to call themselves the favorite lexicon of mainstream especially the National conference and PDP are forced to use shades of pro freedom polity in their discourse to stay relevant . The state few years back introduced that entry of few Kashmiris into the administrative services like Indian Administrative Services and Kashmir Administrative services is end of road and Kashmiris have owned the India and even that bubble burst into pieces not just by the popularity of late famous commander Burhan wani but also by the way these set of “Collaborators” were literally forced to express solidarity with pro-freedom sentiment of nation. Economy and Kashmir are never linked as political issue. The high class earning and educated rebels who laid their lives for the Kashmir cause busted the myth of oppressive state that Kashmir issue and struggle is just ploughed by the blood of poor and low caste. Even today Zakir Moosa, Dr. Mannan Wani, Riaz Naikoo, Syed Naveed, Syed Rubaan etc are in the field who belong not just to affluent families but are also strong vis-à-vis the resource of knowledge . The sacred nature of our struggle which makes it quite clearly different from other struggles and clearly pointed by Scholar Mannan’s article .Here summarizing from it I am also focusing on important point that gets missed in all dirty propaganda against our pious struggle be it Kurds Struggle against Turkey or Previously Tamils against Srilanka we have seen rebels frequently resorting to devastating suicide bombings on commoners while as the Kashmir struggle has preferred to lose thousands and thousands of boys in fierce attacks of the state forces on the houses during encounter but never resorted or thought to do such dastardly acts . Today the ignition of this constant piousness shown by our men on battle field has achieved that optimum that during the one last calls to home by rebels which pierce millions of hearts of Kashmiris (Which have become quite viral and famous) the parents, sisters, brothers and cousins not just bravely respond but urge the rebels to fight gallantly and achieve martyrdom. Had this struggle not been representative of aspirations or just what Indian state notoriously states Pakistan paid phenomenon this type of commitment would have never ever been visible on ground zero.
Kashmir undoubtedly has proven graveyard of the reputations of illegal occupation. First they used high voter turnout against us and then the same parties are now singing pro-freedom tunes, the counter insurgents from once projected as stare’s saviors became outcasts in no time . The encounters raising fears for years became a challenge to oppressor within no time in just few years. Even the worst critics of Kashmir struggle could not tell lie in their books and articles when they admit that funeral of militant in Kashmir is like Bridegrooms Journey.
True that the systems and paradigms of our occupation has learnt many a dirty tricks but always the resisting nation of the Kashmir has remained one step ahead of same . True that pen is mightier then Gun but it is because of Gun in his one hand the pen in his another hand that too on same time that Mannan has rejuvenated respect of pen as mightier else the “Collaborators” use the same pen for vice phenomenon of PSA like draconian laws. Mannan and also I believe that laying our lives is not the only duty or faithfulness of ours towards resistance but a teacher, doctor, student or any other honest to his profession and society is also faithful. The important focal point that I want to touch here is and which in a way is answer to confused set of dirty arguments that bootlickers of state are trying to raise is that we are bearing brunt of largest military imperialism, a system that says we will crush you with force rather than at least try to win you by arguments or dialogue so some voices putting onus of destruction on honest reflections of Dr Mannan wani is not just murder of truth but a laughable ungrounded and u founded reality.State has all might, instruments of repression and day in and day out claims that it will annihilate us for espousing liberty and freedom according to global laws and human conventions and still having the guts to those resisting this mayhem as anarchists is murder of every philosophy.Old through advice, elder through experience, women through compassion, youth through blood, children through shrewdness all shades, proponents of society have contributed to the great struggle of liberation in Kashmir.
I agree with Mannan and Put forth this point boldly that we do not completely know or have an idea of what God will do on doomsday with reference to giving us hell or heaven but we remain firm that fighting through ink or bullet for justice is the call of God, we owe no hate to common struggling Indians but to their brutal mechanisms of brutal state. We all stand for freedom, truth and justice. And Aazadi is our destination.
Lastly let me put it bluntly that on resistance paradigm Kashmir never remains stagnant or achieves stagnation but always remains in activated mode today South Kashmir is hotbed tomorrow it could be again North Kashmir or for the matter of fact Srinagar once again emerging as hub .
The narrative of destruction and havoc that this crafty state so smartly on whom it represses is not hidden as its competitors via sugar coated vocabulary put all onus of mayhem on those who are victims.

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