Pakistan Railways to fill vacant situations

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Islamabad: Pakistan Railways has decided to fill 20 thousand vacant posts and a letter to this effect has been written to Prime Minister for his concurrence. According to the details, Pakistan Railways has 96765 sanctioned work force on its disposal whereas only 76076 employees are in employment parting with 20 thousand vacant posts of different categories.
According to the available data with online, Pakistan Railways has one lac twenty five thousand pensioners who are disbursed with Rs. 30 billion pension while Rs. 37 billion subsidized to it.Pakistan Railways has also decided to dispossess the illegal occupants from its land. The value of land until now got back from illegal occupants comes to Rs. 18.67 billion. Remaining illegally occupied land of Pakistan Railways is also being recovered by dispossessing the unlawful dwellers.
Land Record Management Information System has discovered 1790 acres more land that belongs to Pakistan Railways in addition to the illegally occupied land, sources learnt.
Sources said that cost of pension is the biggest challenge for Pakistan Railways. Rs. 30 billion is being paid out of Railway budget to the pensioners.
Sources said that if Pakistan Railways pensioners are paid out of the government budget like other government servants, the situation will get better. Pakistan Railways income comes to Rs. 50 billion.

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