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AJK CJ urges for focusing on eradication of poverty, illiteracy and diseases as humanity no more needs weapons of mass destruction missiles or warhead carriers

Altaf Hamid Rao
MIRPUR (AJK):(Parliament Times) The Chief Justice of Azad Jammu & Kashmir Justice Muhammad Ibrahim Zia emphatically said on Saturday “the humanity is no more required mass destruction weapons, missiles or warhead carriers rather the present situation and demand of the future generations is eradication of poverty, illiteracy, diseases and saving the people dying with malnutrition, drinking poor water and starvation, therefore, it is required that the resources should be spent for the betterment of the humanity and not for destruction or ward weapons.”
He was speaking as Chief Guest at the inaugural session of 3-day 2nd International Conference on Natural Sciences, climate and Biodiversity hosted by the state-run University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir at the AJK’s capital town on Saturday. The global moot will continue till September 17, according to Zaffar Iqbal, Spokesperson of the host – the University of AJK.
“The leaders of the nation and government should maintain balance while allocating resources,” Justice Muhammad Ibrahim Zia added.
The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Azad Jammu Kashmir further said , “The Government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir has facilitated the construction of a number of hydroelectric projects across its rivers just to contribute in progress and prosperity of Pakistan. One projects is Neelum-Jhelum project. In the wake of its construction, water from river Neelum has been diverted through tunnel to kohala.” He apprised the participants of the conference that the diversion of water resulted in shortage of water in river Neelum and temperature of the area has greatly increased. As a result, the project has serious adverse effects on the environment producing a social issue, which is required to be mitigated on urgent basis. He suggested that the conference should also appeal to the whole world for stopping of human rights violation whether in Jammu and Kashmir, Syria or anywhere in the world, he added.
Addressing the conference the Vice chancellor of the university Prof. Dr Muhammad Kaleem Abbasi has said, “the university selected the theme of the conference Natural Sciences, climate and Bio-diversity keeping in view its significance that the mankind has been using the natural resources and natural science from day one to ensure their existence in this planet.” Similarly, the climate and biodiversity are linked with the existence and survival of the human being. Therefore all the three components of the theme of the conference have been critical to human existence, survival and progress, he added. He also informed the participants of the conference that “Azad Jammu and Kashmir is known for its mountains and forests enriched with diverse animals, medicinal plants and herbal resources. Similarly, this region was known in the world for its fauna and flora but it is unfortunate that continuous deforestation, and urbanization, have dangerously ruined our climate and eco-systems.” He hoped that the conference will provide an opportunity, for interactions and to share experiences with each other, and also to evaluate, criticize, contrast and compare the quality of research, conducted on different aspects of the theme of the conference. “The conference will provide a great opportunity to young faculty, M.Phil. & Ph.D. scholars in digesting multiple worldviews, and familiarizing themselves with the international research cultures” he added.
Prof. Dr Muhammad Qayyum Khan Dean Faculty of Sciences and Chief Organizer of the Conference has said, “The most of already altered natural bio diversities have alarmingly changed the climate balance, which are resulted into various disastrous threats and its danger to our survival, like the tsunami, forest fires, floods, severe droughts. These catastrophic scenarios have made even greater impact on the public’s minds.” The delegates from Turkey, China, Malaysia and USA participated in the conferences beside delegates from the different Universities of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. Ends.

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