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Naya Pakistan brings new China-cutting mafia to mega-city: Altaf Shakoor

Karachi: Naya Pakistan has brought a new China-cutting mafia to the megacity Karachi, and if this mafia is not restrained now, the Karachiites would face serious consequences in future, said Pasban e Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor here Wednesday.
In a statement here, he said in past the megacity braved the MQM-patronized China-cutting mafia, but now in ‘Naya Pakistan’ this mafia has become a PTI-patronized mafia. He said notoriously corrupt and dishonest builders and constructers have been given a free hand to loot the Karachiites. He said now the PTI leaders are demanding their share from the land grabbing mafia. He said the citizens freely complain that Imran Khan has slapped the builder mafia and contractor network on the people of Karachi.
Altaf Shakoor said the people of Karachi gave vote to some people but strangely other people were mysteriously declared winners from the megacity in recent general elections. He said there are complaints that the land mafia under sponsorship of some leaders of the ruling party has started China-cutting activities in Scheme-36 Gulstan e Johar. He said the citizens are worried upon new activities of the China-cutting mafia in their city. He said precious land in other parts of the city is also being grabbed under different pretexts, mostly fake documents. He said all this could not be done without active involvement of the officers of KDA at every level. He said that though Director KDA Sami Siddiqui has ordered a probe, but regretfully this is eyewash. In fact no practical steps are taken against the new China-cutting mafia.
He said the land mafia is involved in devastation of the megacity. He said roads, streets, parks, playgrounds and amenity plots of the city are not safe from the reach of the land mafia. He said in past the patrons of the China-cutting mafia took their share of corruption money to Dubai and London. He said civic infrastructure of the megacity including education, healthcare and public transport is in shambles due to corruption of rulers. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan has yet to visit Karachi and know the problems of the megacity, but the Karachiites have already met the new China-cutting mafia sponsored by the black sheep in the ruling party.

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