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CPEC a game changer

CPEC is Pakistan’s destiny but we feel indebted to know how CPEC is game changer or it is fate moulder. If we glance to pages of countries we witnessed seven decades age of the nation but still we find that resources of land are not utilized properly. On the contrary, Pakistan has faced a number of challenges since its inception, be it political, social or economic. The asset that Pakistan has as having a greatly significant strategic location in the region has never been exploited fully, the vulnerability at the bordering areas and insurgencies inside the country have been a few of reasons as why Pakistan has failed to cash in its strategic location to the maximum benefit. However, contemporarily CPEC has appeared to be a turn around in Pakistan’s economic, social as well as political life. Do we as independent nation believe in this phrase that cpec is game changer or fate moulder. Here, the total cost of this enormous project initially started with 46 Billion US Dollars and now has reached 62 Billion US Dollars. The project aims to build the nations economy at their own stakeholder. Its motives are construe at diverse areas of investment but its bedrock and fundament theme is physical development whilst establishing a corridor which shall connect China with Gawadar, whereupon through sea-route China shall have an easy and cheap access to trade with Central Asia, Middle East amd even Europe.
Apparently, it may look like the biggest advantage shall vest with China and for Pakistan it is a castle in the air owing to huge amount of debts the very project involves. To resolve the fallacy, we must keep in view the status of Pakistan’s crippled economy, poor infrastructure, want of foreign investment, consistent devaluation rupee, alarming rate of unemployment, dead industrial sector, zero energy resources, this project is inevitably a silver lining by virtue of which we can oxygenate socio-economic life of the country.
Meanwhile, owing to dearth of political stability in the country and poor security conditions, the serious care has to be taken by the authorities in order to ensure the successful and not failing in skirmishes activities. The best endeavouring efforts must be taken to complete the CPEC project as soon as possible so that the benefit it promises should factually be conveyed to the masses constructively and tangibly.

Mujeeb Ali Samo

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